Blog update: “Illumination/(// ∇//)/”

Maimi and the girls put on a hot performance outside in the cold in her December 29th update “Illumination/(// ∇//)/“. Full translation below.

Good evening
It’s Maimi

Today we appeared at “GLITTER8 Illumination Special Stage”(^^)


It was cold and I think people had a lot of plans at the end of the year, so I was happy that a lot of people showed up

Thank you so much

Everyone, you didn’t catch cold, did you??(⌒-⌒; )

We appeared wearing outfits from the previous tour,

and the stage was outdoors, so I was ready for it to be cold

I was shocked that it wasn’t cold at allΣ(・□・;)

Dancing is amazing(^^)lol

If it was indoors, it’d probably be hot and soaked with sweat,

but it felt really good

But, was everyone else cold?

I was really happy to see everyone waving glowsticks while dressed in heavy jackets and scarfs and with their breath visible in the cold…

In addition, Odaiba is rea~lly beautiful at night…( ´ ▽ ` )

Tokyo Tower,
the Rainbow bridge

And then, the exterior of Fuji TV was towering right behind the stage,

and it turned into this(T ^ T)


I’m so happy…

Even the cars and trains travelling in Odaiba can see it

I’m really happy

We chose songs that would fit the nighttime illumination

1. Midnight Temptation
2. Bagel ni Ham & Cheese
3. Hitorijime Shitakatta dake na no ni
4. Ai wa Itsumo Itsumo
5. Massara Blue Jeans
6. Bye Bye Bye!

Even though there’s only a short amount of time remaining in 2013,
I was able to make another wonderful memory

Everyone, please soak in a hot bath today(^^;;

Those who supported us even though you couldn’t participate too, thank you so much

Part of today’s performance will be broadcast on Fuji TV at 12:15AM on January 12th,
so please be sure to check it out


After the performance was over and we were leaving Fuji TV,

we ran into Uehara Kouji-san(^o^)/*

Speaking of Uehara-san,

when I was around 4 or 5,
my family went to Miyazaki to watch a baseball camp

There my 2 brothers and I took a picture with Uehara-san…(T ^ T)

Actually, I met him the other day at a job for the first time in 17 or 18 years,

but I was too moved and nervous, so I couldn’t tell him that(^^;;

But yesterday when he was greeting us, I was able to tell him
“Actually, we took a picture together at a camp in Miyazaki when I was little

He is someone who has brought dreams and hope to the baseball-loving Yajima household(^^)

It was an honor to meet him

And then,
tomorrow ℃-ute will appear at “COUNTDOWN JAPAN 13/14”

My heart is pounding(;゜0゜)

Being able to appear at a big concert like this is like a dream

And I’ll work hard so that our performance leaves an impression on a lot of people

Everyone, please be sure to cheer for us(>人<;)

℃-ute will do our best

Well then, well then, I hope tomorrow is a wonderful day…

Good night

At “Hello! Project COUNTDOWN PARTY 2013 ~GOOD BYE & HELLO!~”,
being held at Nakano Sunplaza on December 31st,

you can purchase the Tower Records-exclusive,
Hello! Project’s first compilation CD,
“Hello! Project no Zenkyoku kara Atsumechaimashita! Vol. 1・2”, before it’s released on January 1st, 2014

Please check here for details…


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  1. thanks for Translation and happy new year
    maimi’s height 166.4cm should be ~5’5″ not ~5’4″

  2. or should be 5’6″
    thx a lot

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