Blog update: “The one I admire/(// ∇//)/”

Maimi gets to go see a concert herself in her December 22nd update “The one I admire/(// ∇//)/“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

After updating the blog yesterday,
I had an interview,

and afterwards I had my wish granted and was able to go to the concert of the senior I look up to, Matsuura Aya-san

It’s been a really, really long time since I’ve met Matsuura-san,

and her aura is so amazing…
She’s so beautiful…

That alone was enough to move me(T ^ T)


And then, the performance started

As expected, Matsuura-san is amazing
Once again I really felt so…

Her volume is perfect,
her depth is perfect,
her expressiveness is perfect…

It was so overwhelming and so moving,

and I wondered “How is she able to make such a voice?”
as I watched intently

I asked a staff member who went and saw her concert the earlier

“How was Matsuura-san’s concert?(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))”,

and they responded

“I cried. As expected, she’s great at singing! I’m glad I went

I will always continue to cheer for and support this person

In addition, she looked to be happy, so I was glad…

I was able to understand that feeling

I’m really proud to have a senior this great,

and I was able to talk to her after the performance…
So I was really happy

Matsuura-san is so radiant that whenever she looks at me,
my heart starts pounding…/(//∇//)/lol

It’s that way in every case,
but the people that leave an impression on you and that move your heart are radiant…

Once again, I strongly felt “I look up to Matsuura-san, as expected

It’s been a rea~lly, rea~lly long time since I’ve seen Matsuura-san singing in person,

and I was always looking forward to this chance, so I’m really glad I was able to go

We’ll stand on the same stage again for the first time in countless years at the Countdown Live on New Year’s Eve and Day,

so now I’m excited and my heart is pounding

I’ll get to hear Matsuura-san’s singing again

I’ve secretly been looking forward to hearing a lot of my seniors’ singing in person

Ah, I’m also grateful to the staff who took us on a field trip to the concert

It was a wonderful day

And then, today Umeda Erika-chan, who graduated from ℃-ute 4 years ago,

will have her first concert since graduating

Eri’s solo performance…

She’s probably nervous right now~

I really, really wanted to go see it today, but there was no way I could make it(T ^ T)

I hope eveyrone who is participating enjoys it enough for us too

And then, even though we can’t go to the venue,
we will send ℃-ute power to Eri

I hope she explodes with all her might

Eri, do your best

Alright, I’ll do my best too

Everyone, have a wonderful Sunday…


There’s only 3 days left until Christmas
So today’s picture is this(^^)



Mai made this for me

I’m happy

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