Blog update: “Ehime~( ´▽ ` )ノ”

Maimi travels to Ehime with a mix of ℃-ute and S/mileage members in her December 6th update “Ehime~( ´▽ ` )ノ“. Full translation below.

It’s Maimi

Yesterday I visited Ehime prefecture for the first time~(^^)lol

I’m really happy I’m able to come to Shikoku

While there,
I took part in promotional activities with Nacky, Mai, and S/mileage’s Nakanishi Kana-chan and Takeuchi Akari-chan(^o^)/

FM Ehime “Kamo☆Radi Night!”,
which will air at 8:00PM on December 26th

FM Ehime “Best Hit Ehime”,
which will air January of next year
(The program airs every Sunday at 6:00PM)

Nankai Housou Radio “Matsuzawa Hatsumi no Nankai Classics”,
which will air at 12:00PM on December 15th

Nankai Housou Radio “Aya ch”,
which will air at 11:30PM on January 12th

Town magazine “Ehime komachi”,
in the February edition published on January 20th

Nankai Housou TV “Hi・To・Mi Mesen”,
which will broadcast New Year’s Eve and again in January
(The program airs every Thursday at 12:54AM)


Please be sure to check them out, if you’d like

In addition to those, we appeared on the live broadcast of Nankai Housou’s “Wizu”!

Everyone who listened, everyone who cheered for us, thank you

those same members had a talk & handshake event at Emifull MASAKI(^∇^)

At the talk segment, I got to hear the other members’ recent funny stories(^-^)

By the way, here’s a funny story from yesterday

There was body cream in the restroom that said “Use as much as you like!” on it, and before the event, Kananan put some on out of curiosity

Written big on the bottle was “includes lamé”,

and Kananan rubbed it all over her arms

We returned to the dressing room,
and suddenly, while everyone was putting on their make-up, Kananan said suprised

“Whoa I’m just holding my eye shadow, but my hand is covered in laméΣ(・□・;)”

No, no… Kananan… I think that’s definitely from the body cream earlier…(^◇^;)

I couldn’t help but retort…( ̄Д ̄)ノΣ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノlol

It’s funny~ Really…lol

And then at the handshake event,
since we hadn’t been able to go there until now,

there were a lot of people who said things like “Pleased to meet you” and “I’ve always cheered for you Now we’ve finally met“,

and countless people asked “How old are you?”,

and when I thought “There are people who are participating who don’t know much about us~“,

I became rea~~lly happy

Everyone who came even though it was on a weekday,
and then, everyone who supported us,

thank you so very much

After the event,
everyone went out to eat

In addition to oranges and kiwi,
Ehime is known for their sea bream…

So we ate sea bream and rice~


It was e~~xtremely delicious

In addition, eating with those members was really fun…

I laughed a lot

Akari-chan’s way of laughing soothed everyone

Also, on the subject of Akari-chan’s drinks… She ordered just as I expected

Everyone ordered oolong tea,
but she ordered melon soda and grapefruit juice by herself,

and if I’m not mistaken, when we went to eat together before, she was the only one to order Ramune~

The other ℃-ute members were also charmed by that(≧∇≦)

After returning to the hotel, I fell asleep without setting the alarm…(^◇^;)

While drowsy, I thought

“I’ve gotta set my alarm…… I… won’t… wa…… ke……zzz(_ _).。o○”…

I used up all my strength(_ _).。o○

Maybe because of that,

I woke up at 2:00AM…
I woke up at 3:00AM…

I was wide-awake,
so I decided to type an update while I am awake

And that’s how we arrived here(^◇^;)

It’s still dark outside~
There’s so much time left before we have to meet up…(^◇^;)

When I’m done typing, I’ll try to sleep again

Now then,
℃-ute appears on the cover SquareEnix’s “Young GanGan” which goes on sale today


Everyone became Santa~(^o^)/

Please be sure to check it out

In addition, today is Yasuda Kei-san’s birthday

We’ve appeared together in plays in the past, but recently I haven’t been able to see her at all~…

I hope we can work together again someday…

Happy birthday, Yasuda-san

There’s still a lot I want to write and more pictures I want to attach,

but they won’t fit…(T ^ T)

So I’ll attach them next chance I get…

I think everyone is still sleeping, so I’ll send my update a little later(^◇^;)

Well then, I’ll properly set my alarm this time and sleep soundly…(= ̄ ρ ̄=) ..zzZZ

Good night…zzZZ

Good morning
I slept soundly(≧∇≦)

Today’s the NaruChika tour performance in Matsuyama(^^)

I’ll have a fun day today(^.^)

Everyone, have a wonderful day…

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