Blog update: “Aomori(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))”

Maimi braves the cold in Aomori for NaruChika and wishes a Juice member a happy birthday in her December 1st update “Aomori(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

We had a NaruChika performance in Aomori yesterday


“NaruChika” is an abbreviation of “Narudake Chikaku” (As close as possible)

The concept of the tour is that we’ll travel as close as possible to the region where everyone lives,

and everyone will be able to enjoy the performance at a live house where we’re as close to the audience as possible

℃-ute and S/mileage are performing together, and it’s been a month since our last performance, which was in Gifu!!

In addition,
it was the first time for both ℃-ute and S/mileage to perform in Aomori

Before the curtains were raised, we could hear the amazing cheers all the way backstage,

and it gave me the impression that everyone in Aomori is really spirited(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

Also, there were a lot of people who hadn’t been able to go to a performance before then, and said “This is the first time I’ve participated in a performance

There were also people who came from far away, like Hokkaido, Akita, and Iwate…(T ^ T)

There were a lot of girls,
and when we asked “All of the girls?”,
the “Kya~” response even caused a stir amongst all the men

Thank you so much for the hot cheers, both men and women

When we arrived in Aomori yesterday,
I was surprised by how cold it was and the amount of snow that was piled up,

but the performance was really, really hot,
so afterwards I was like “I’m hot~(^◇^;)”, and rolled up the sleeves of my t-shirt

The other members were surprised like “Doing that in this season…Σ(・□・;)”…(^◇^;)

But everyone made both my heart and body hot

In addition, I was able to eat a lot of Aomori’s specialties(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

Towada Barayaki

Pickled nebuta

Also, miso butter curry milk ramen


And then, since Aomori is known for their apples, we also ate apple pie


Heart-shaped apple pie

It was cute, so we played around with it(≧∇≦)

While travelling to Sendai,
we also ate a sea food bowl

My stomach was satisfied~

I’m grateful to the staff

Everyone who participated, everyone who couldn’t but cheered for us anyway, thank you so very much

Today is the NaruChika performance in Sendai

Everyone in Sendai, I’m coming to meet you now~(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

Let’s have fun

And then!!
December starts today

Today is the birthday of Juice=Juice’s Miyamoto Karin-chan

Happy birthday, Karin-chan

I’ve been watching Karin-chan ever since she was a Hello! Project Egg,

and she’s really gotten big

She was really, really tiny~

She still has a delicate image now,
but her dancing is dynamic,

her singing is really good,
and even though she’s 15-years-old, she already is able to draw out a variety of facial expressions(^o^)/

She surprises me each and every time

As we have more opportunities to appear together in plays and on stage, we’re able to talk more than before,

and the feeling that I get is that Karin-chan is a hard worker, modest, and probably a really good girl at home…

We’re both members of the Hello! Station Dance Club on the YouTube program “Hello! Station”,

so surely we’ll have more opportunities to spend time together from here on

Yesterday, when I watched the video of our dance teachers performing our parts, I thought “The lessons will probably start soon~“,

and I became excited(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

Let’s work hard

It seems Karin-chan has a release event for their new single in Kyoto today,

and I hope she has a wonderful birthday celebrated by a lot of people


The picture is from when I intruded into Juice=Juice’s dressing room the day before last

Everyone, have a wonderful day…

Until tomorrow

Tomorrow, S/mileage’s Nakanishi Kana-chan and Takeuchi Akari-chan and myself will hold a ℃-ute X S/mileage collaboration talk show & handshake event at Tower Records Sendai Parco

Please check here for details…

What’ll it be like having an event with S/mileage members~(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))??

Those who have the time, please be sure to come and meet us

We’re wai~ting

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