Blog update: “Jet-lag(o_o)”

Maimi settles back into Japan and gets back to writing the long posts she’s known for in her November 26th update “Jet-lag(o_o)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

I woke up at 4:00AM this morning~(^◇^;)

By the way, I got tired around 8:00PM last night,

so I took a bath while struggling with my sleepiness, and went to bed at 10:00PM(^_^;)

…I’m completely jet-lagged…(^◇^;)

Everyone returning from Hawaii, are you having trouble with jet-lag?(´・Д・)」

Oddly enough,
even though I left Japan for 11 days,

it didn’t feel like I had been gone for long at all

Rather, it felt like “Ah It’s my home as usual“…

As expected, my pet dogs are cute~♪( ´θ`)ノ

I want to squeeze them tight(o^^o)

I was worried that they’d forget about me,
but they badgered me like “Hold me“,

and hopped up onto my bed…

Yeah They didn’t forget me~ε-(´∀`; ) I’m relieved…

After returning home yesterday, I took all the laundry out of my suitcase,

sorted the gifts,

put everything else away,

and I had completely cleaned out my suitcase~(^o^)

Speaking of gifts, in addition to the chocolate confectioneries I got for my parents,
I gave my dad a shirt
And my mom some pajamas(*^^*)♪

They ate the chocolates right away saying
“Ah These are delicious♪”(^o^)/*

And then,
I ate my mom’s home cooking for the first time in awhile

As expected, the taste gave me peace of mind, and it was really delicious

Some tofu had just arrived from my grandmother, and we ate it grilled with garlic and miso(≧∇≦)

It’s really delicious and I love it…

By the way,
I bought a hat and a tote bag for my grandmother(*^^*)

She called my mom, and when I picked up the phone,

she was surprised and said “Ooh You’re back~(^^)

Ah That’s right
I’m changing the subject completely,

but please listen(≧∇≦)

Yesterday, I wrote that my cell phone screen had cracked…

But when I tried peeling off the protective sheet after returning home, what

The screen itself was fine

I’m glad I used the strong-type protective sheet~(T ^ T)

Sorry for making a fuss about it m(._.)m

I think I’ll go buy a new strong-type protective sheet today

I’m grateful to the protective sheet that guarded my screen while becoming cracked itself

I’ve gotta be careful not to drop it again(;^_^A

Now then
Today at 9:00PM,
on JFN “School Nine”,
the final episode of the Dienoji X ℃-ute collaboration radio drama “Tokai no Hitorigurashi” will broadcast♪( ´θ`)ノ

This time Yajima is the lead, and all of the members appear, so please be sure not to miss it(^。^)

And then,
in the current issue of Kodansha’s “VoCE”, ℃-ute introduces our recommended cosmetics

Please be sure to check that out too

Well then, well then,
let’s have a cheerful day today

Until tomorrow’s update~(^o^)

Pictures from Hawaii

From the fan club Hawaii tour,
a picture from the special concert at the end…



I look really happy( ^ ^ )/
I’m laughing so much, it’s too muchσ(^_^;)

There are pictures in my camera’s folder where everyone who participated appears in (Sorry(・_・;))

When I see everyone laughing like they’re having fun, it gives me spirit



Nakajima-cameraman, who played an active role in Hawaii as well…

She looks beautiful even from behind
Though she looks a little like Momochilol

The picture of Naka-cameraman was taken by Yaji-cameraman(^o^)

It’s one of my favorite shots



At a street crossing during the photobook shoot

Even places like this are stylish in Hawaii

Let’s look both ways before crossing~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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