Blog update: “Happy (Maimi)”

Maimi brings the Hawaii tour to a close in her November 23rd update “Happy(Maimi)“. Full translation below.

I~t wa~s so~ fu~n

It was a really happy time(T ^ T)


The fan club Hawaii tour ended today(´Д` )

We spent the last 2, 3 days together,
so saying good bye was really sad…( ; ~ ; )

At the final handshake event,
there were a lot of people crying and saying “I’m sad…”( ; ~; )

It made me start to cry as well~。゜(ノД`)゜。

They showed me a lot of affection… It was heart-warming

By the way,
this morning we had an event called “Cutie Point Rally” where we gave stamps to people who went to a certain place and answered a quiz!


There was a lottery at the point rally where we chose from amongst those who got all the stamps and presented them with a solo polaroid of the members

And then,
last was the special concert!

Performing under the blue sky while the breeze washed over us felt really good

We appeared from the stands,

we kicked beach balls during the interlude,

we threw colored balls,

we shot water guns…

In addition, we performed songs we haven’t in awhile,
and songs from other groups that we don’t usually get a chance to sing(^o^)♪

Lastly, everyone sang in a big chorus

It became a really special concert


Our first performance in awhile… As expected, it was fun…(≧∇≦)

I’ll be happy if everyone who participated enjoyed it as well

And then, and then
Everyone who cheered for us from Japan, everyone who waited for us to return, thank you very much

℃-ute will return home soon

Sorry for making you wait this entire time

After returning to Japan,
I want to meet lots of members of team ℃-ute

For that, we have to return home safely

Everyone who participated in the tour too, please safely return to Japan

Ah That’s right

After the performance,
we met some people we weren’t expecting to

The local members of team ℃-ute…
Since ℃-ute came to Hawaii, they waited outside the venue to greet us(T ^ T)

They also wrote this message…

I was really happy that I could meet members of team ℃-ute that I’m not able to meet normally

“Come back to Hawaii~!” they said(T ^ T)

Yeah I definitely want to come to Hawaii again

And then, I want to have a bus tour in Japan

It’d be nice if both came true

Well then, well then, I think I’ll sleep soundly tonight

I’ll get into bed full of happiness

Good night

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