Blog update: “Under the sun…”

Maimi teams up with her fans to play “Dodgebee” in her November 22nd update “Under the sun…“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Just now,
we had the fan club Hawaii tour project,

Dodgebee tournament(^o^)/*


In this tournament we replaced the dodgeball ball with a frisbee( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Once again, I thought that physical activity is fun~…(o^^o)

The sports day on the previous Hawaii tour was cancelled because of rain,

so my body is delighted that it was able to exercise in the clear weather this time(^o^)/*

The ℃-ute members and all of the participants competed while getting soaked in sweat

In addition,
it was a splendid victory for the Yajima team\(^o^)/

Ya~y Ya~y

Everyone banded together
We came up with strategies,
we cheered for each other…

Everyone secretly came up with a plan to make me happy…

I’m going to cry…

It was really fun and I was really happy(T ^ T)

Thank you for fighting alongside me

Is it already Saturday in Japan~

Everyone, what kind of Saturday are you having

I want to meet everyone in Japan soon

Yajima will continue to have fun too(o^^o)

Have a wonderful day, everyone…



Airi grinning and eating an onigiri,
even though it’s right before the performance…(;゜0゜)

She does things at her own pace, as alwayslol


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