Blog update: “Matching GET!!o(^▽^)o Maimi”

Maimi revists her regular Hawaiian steak restaurant and goes shopping with the girls in her November 19th update “Matching GETo(^▽^)o Maimi“. Full translation below.

I ate so much I’m fu~ll


℃-ute went to the steak restaurant that we went to March of last year

It was the steak restaurant where I made short work of the 3/4 lb steak

It’s a delicious, delicious steak restaurant

This time I had……

(//∇//) It’s still a secret

After eating,
everyone went shopping at “88TEES”

All of ℃-ute got matching jerseys



Tomorrow’s photo shoot starts later than usual,

so I’ll wake up early and go somewhere I’ve never been

I can’t wait(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

Those who are participating in the Hawaii tour who are arriving early will leave Japan tomorrow, right?

It’s a long flight, but please arrive safely

We’re waiting for you here(*^_^*)

Well then, well then,
I’ll sleep soundly tonight

Good ni~ght

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