Blog update: “My previous update…(´・_・`)Maimi”

After her harrowing experience, Maimi gains some emphathy in her November 19th update “My previous update…(´・_・`)Maimi“. Full translation below.

I just thought of something…

The mongoose I chased earlier…

I wonder if this is how it felt…(´・_・`)


Now then! Right now is our lunch break♪(^o^)



From here the thing I’m looking forward to starts




Pre-orders for the Yajima Maimi (℃-ute) solo DVD “Smiling sky” are currently being accepted on e-LineUP!

The deadline is today at 11:59PM

Those who haven’t ordered it yet, please be sure to do so(^o^)

Check here for details…(^o^)…

In addition
at 1:30AM~
Hagi-chan and I will appear on the TOKYO FM program
“PRENCO no Kibun wa ☆ Guruupii!!!”(^o^)/*

Please be sure to check it out(^ ^)

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