Blog update: “Announcement!! (Maimi)”

Maimi drops a couple of bombshells, including why she’s in Hawaii early, in her November 15th update “Announcement!! (Maimi)“. Full translation below.

I’m sleepy…(´-`).。oO

Even though it’s only 8:00PM here,
I’m already sleepy…

I’m updating from bed right now!!(^^;;

I feel like I’ll fall asleep as soon as I’m done updating(= ̄ ρ ̄=) ..zzZZ

The reason I came to Hawaii before everyone else…

The reason is…

I’ll release a photobook(^-^)

…That said, the release date and title are still undecided!

And then!!
For the photo shoot,

to tell the truth,




I cut my hair


It feels nostalgic… This length(・∀・)

Washing it is easy~♪
Drying it is easy too~♪(^o^)

But, I haven’t gotten used to it yet,

and even while walking around I forget that my hair is now this short(^◇^;)

I hope that everyone will be able to see a different Yajima Maimi than usual in this photobook…

I’ll have fun and do my best at the photo shoot starting tomorrow*\(^o^)/*

Well then, well then, I’m at my limit~(( _ _ ))..zzzZZ

Good night


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