Blog update: “Names♪( ´ε` )”

Maimi fills up in Fukuoka and prepares for another day promoting the new single in her November 11th update “Names♪( ´ε` )“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi


Morning has come in Fukuoka~

After we arrived in Fukuoka yesterday,
we went to eat motsu-nabe~

℃-ute loves motsu-nabelol

We always eat motsu-nabe when we’re in Fukuoka,

so this time our manager tried to take us somewhere different…

But all of the members said
“Ah…(^^;; We want to eat motsu-nabe“…f(⌒-⌒; )

It was as delicious as expected(o^^o)
Fukuoka is full of delicious things, so I’m stumped as to what to eat


The squid sashimi at the restaurant
It was so fresh the legs were moving Σ(・□・;)

While eating that delicious dinner,
we talked about the members’ names (lol)

It was like “If each member had a different name, what would it be?”… A trivial conversation…

But the results were,
Nacky… Doesn’t she seem like a “Yurie”?

Chisato… Akane or Chiaki

Mai-chan… Reina!

…We got excited talking like that…

Huh…? What did they say about me?(;゜0゜)

Was it Yukiko??(^^;;

I forgot,
but they said “Maimi-chan seems like she’d have a name ending in ‘ko’!”

By the way, when I said “Airi is… Hana!”,

everyone else said “E~h? You think?(´・Д・)”(lol)

℃-ute always gets excited talking about trivial things like this♪

When my parents were trying to decide my name,
they were really torn between Maimi,
and “Itsumi” written with the kanji “愛”

If I didn’t become Maimi,
I would’ve probably been “Itsumi”(^^)

And then, I received an e-mail from my close friend saying
“I found Yaji-san“,
and attached was a picture of her holding “Shounen Sunday”

When we were little,
she called me “Maimi“,
so I wonder if she was influenced by ℃-ute(=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

Now she says “Yaji-san”~(*^^*)

That’s right
I just remembered,
but until I was in the 2nd grade,
I had a habit of referring to myself in the third-person

But at the time,
I wanted to refer to myself as “I”, so I made myself use “I” in normal conversations~…(o^^o)

My close friend cooperated with me back then…

“If I say ‘Maimi’ without thinking, let me know~(^^;;”

And that’s how I started referring to myself as “I” (lol)

It’s nostalgic……

Now then, now then!
Today Nacky, Chisato, Mai, and myself have promotional activities and a release event for our new single “Tokai no Hitorigurashi/Aitte Motto Zanshin” in Fukuoka

In addition to the live broadcasts I wrote about in yesterday’s blog,

today at 6:00PM,
Nacky, Mai, and myself will appear on CBC Radio’s “Kawahara Tatsuo no Hit! Hit! Paradise”

In addition,
the 3 of us appear in “Yan Yan”, which goes on sale today,

so please be sure to check it out(o^^o)

Well then, I’ll go cheerfully today too



Today is Tanaka Reina-san’s birthday

Tanaka-san, happy birthday

We met by chance the other day at the office♪

I’ve had less chances to meet her since she graduated from Hello! Project,

but she always talks to me when we meet, and it makes me really happy

I hope she has a wonderful birthday

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