Blog update: “Yesterday…(((o(* ゜▽゜*)o)))”

Maimi heads to college to perform at a school festival in her November 4th update “Yesterday…(((o(* ゜▽゜*)o)))“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi


Yesterday, we had a ℃-ute performance
at Kansai University’s school festival♪

Kansai University was huge~( ゜д゜)

…That said, there was something that made me really happy

When we were guided into the dressing room (a classroom)…


Please look・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

Such hospitality…

There were messages from everyone, and they made each of the members’ faces using felt…(;_;)

When I thought “They spared the time to make these…”,

I became happy, happy…

I wanted to take the whiteboard home with meヽ(;▽;)ノ

In addition, they lent us their staff coats so we could visit all of the food stands stealthily

The 5 of us put on the jackets and wandered around the stalls for just a little bit…♪♪( ´▽`)

It was really crowded

There were people selling takoyaki while wearing cosplay,

and we could hear the singing from an outdoor concert a little further away…

“It seems like colleges are really fun places~(^^)
I thought

From those stands, we got cheese gyoza,
miso tofu, shioyakisoba, etc. and returned(^-^)/

We’ve never been able to leave the dressing room when performing at school festivals before, so being able to savor the atmosphere of one became a good memory(^∇^)

And then, the live performance

As expected, having a performance in a gymnasium feels fresh v(^_^v)♪

There were a lot of students and girls,

and I felt there were a lot of people seeing a ℃-ute performance live for the first time too (o^^o)

Seeing everyone watching the performance while smiling brightly made me smile too

Performances are fun…

At any rate, Kansai University’s gymnasium was hugeΣ(・□・)

I waved with all my might at the people in the back… I wonder if they noticed~(^^)

I wonder if they were able to enjoy it~(*^^*)

An experience like this is a chance for people who can’t come to normal concerts to participate, so I was really happy and thought “I hope we can appear at a variety of schools’ school festivals after this~“(*^^*)

Everyone who arrange for ℃-ute to come to Kansai University’s school festival,
everyone who participated in the performance,
everyone who cheered for us even though they couldn’t come…

Thank you so very much (u_u)

Everyone at Kansai University is so kind(*^^*)♪

After the festival, we travelled to Nagoya
and had a release event for our new single coming out November 6th, the day after tomorrow,
“Tokai no Hitorigurashi/Aitte Motto Zanshin”(^◇^)

A lot of people gathered, so I was really happy(*^^*)

I was able to see everyone’s face up-close at the handshake event, so I received a lot of power

Thank you very much( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

There were people who said “Nice to meet you
And people who came from Hokkaido, which surprised meΣ(・□・)

I’m really grateful, grateful to everyone who supports us…(;_;)

It was a full day

And then, the Nippon Series which all of Japan was focused on

Rakuten shined as the best in Japan( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

All of the players, all of the Rakuten fans, congratulations

The instant I heard that Rakuten won,
my senior Satoda Mai-san’s smiling face came to mind(^-^)

And then, all of the players on the Giants, thanks for your hard work(*^o^*)

It was a back-and-forth competition…

The games were really good,
so my heart was pounding(^-^)

Alright, we’ve gotta work hard too(^∇^)

Today, at Pacifico Yokohama,
the closing day of the ℃-ute tour finally arrives(T ^ T)

The time between the start of the tour at Nippon Budoukan and now has flown by…ヽ(´o`

I’ll leave no regrets behind on the closing day and use everything that I’ve learned on this tour, so it will be the best concert(`●∀●)

I’ll go fired up*\(^o^)/*


A picture of me playing with Cologne after I returned home yesterday(⌒▽⌒)

She’s soothing♪(´ε` )


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