Blog update: “Trick or treat.(^w^)”

Maimi returns home at long last in her October 31st update “Trick or treat.(^w^)“. Full translation below.

It’s Maimi


We returned home from my grandmother’s house without any problem

I had stayed at a hotel for several days before we went, so it had been a week since I’ve been home

I met my dogs for the first time in awhile

They are acting unusually clingy

When I was sleeping and when I was eating breakfast, they were badgering me like “Hold me, hold me“(*´∇`*)

They are as cute as ever

And then, the picture of the horse yesterday

It was the throat((o(^-^)o))
I read everyone’s comments,
and it was like a light was flipped on “That’s right It’s the throat“(;A´▽`A

The fog has lifted
Thank you

Before heading to my grandmother’s house,
my mom went with my dad to Asakusa to buy gifts for my grandmother and her neighbors

It seems they liked the karintou manjuu that I bought when I went with Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan to Asakusa the other day, so they went there and bought some themselves

And, before we left, my dad sent me this e-mail

“It looks like Rakuten is going to win today! Maa-kun is amazing.

Today, because of Maimi and Chii-chan, your mother and I went on a date to Sensouji temple for the first time, and we bought karintou and the candied sweet potato your father wanted to eat Eat them in the car on the way there. Make sure your mother takes breaks from driving. Be careful, and give granny my regards“…

It made me smile(*´∇`*)

Because my dad sounded really happy

I can really understand how much he treasures my mom

And then, while we were at my grandmother’s house,

she said “You must be grateful to your father. You can do the work you do thanks to him

…Her dialect was much thicker though (lol)


Yeah I’m grateful to my grandmother, my dad, my mom, my brothers, everyone, e~veryone

And then, the Giants vs Rakuten, which my dad wrote about

They’re tied at 2-2, so it’s a good match

It’s a hot battle~(・∀・´)

I won’t be able to take my eyes off of it

All of the players, fight

Well then, I’ll go have fun while I work hard

Until tomorrow~

Today’s pictures are from when I went to the karintou manjuu shop in Asakusa with Chinami


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