Blog update: “Last day of autumn break(*^_^*)”

Maimi’s autumn break in the country comes to a close in her October 30th update “Last day of autumn break(*^_^*)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday, I went with my grandmother and mom to a farm

There were a lo~t of cows

I made butter with the milk from the cows

I churned and churned and churned and churned the milk…


My arms hurt…(^~^;)

But I was able to create smooth butter without any problem

The butter was salt-free, so I spread it on a salted senbei cracker,

and it was really delicious

I ate it all in the blink of an eye, so I felt it was kind of a waste~( ̄▽ ̄;)

Ah That’s right
Doesn’t milk have a distinct smell

That smell isn’t milk’s natural smell(゜o゜)

It comes from the sterilization process…

Therefore, the milk that I smelled yesterday had no odor

It was probably my first time drinking milk with the same flavor that the calves taste

I relished the precious experience of being able to feel like a calf(lol)

There were also horses at the farm
I rode them too~


Horses have kind eyes

I learned for the first time that a horse’s chin feels nice and soft~


Is it part of the chin?(¨;)

Ah! The part that I’m touching in the picture Is it the front of the neck

Everyone, if you get the chance to touch a horse, be sure to try it

They were cute~

I also bought souvenirs, and I enjoyed the trip to its fullest

And then today, on the 3rd day of my autumn break…

I finally parted with my grandmother…(>_<)/~~

Please look(^^)


This morning’s red rice

This is what the adzuki beans I attached in yesterday’s update turned into


I was given a lot of things and told “Take these back to your father and others

The 3 of us went and paid our respects at the graves of my grandfather and ancestors,
and we departed my grandmother’s house afterwards~

My granny said “Come again, ok~“…

Yeah I want to go back

Stay well~ Granny

Now then, we still have a long way to go, so we gotta return home carefully(・∀・´)

I’m really grateful to my mom for driving
Because I can’t drive…(>_<)
I’ll talk to my mom a lot so that she doesn’t become sleepy
I want her to take a break if she becomes tired, and to get home safely

I was a fun, fun autumn break

I’ll continue to do my best from tomorrow too

Today is Morning Musume’s Fukumura Mizuki-chan

and S/mileage’s Tamura Meimi-chan’s birthday

Happy birthday, both of you

Fuku-chan is really mature
She has a calming atmosphere, she’s sexy, and she’s really beautiful

And yet, she gets fired up talking about Hello! Project, and that gap is nice

And then,
in contrast to Fuku-chan, Meimei is fully of energy Innocent Simple-minded And she has a friendly sweetness

Right now we’re going around to a variety of places with S/mileage on the NaruChika tour, and the more I learn about her the more I’m charmed by her

Have a wonderful birthday, you two…


℃-ute’s 23rd single,
“Tokai no Hitorigurashi/Aitte Motto Zanshin”,
will be released on November 6th

Prior to the release,
the “Aitte Motto Zanshin” Dance Shot Ver. will be shown on “Hello! Station #39”, which will be uploaded today at 9:00PM

Dancing using a hunting cap is novel(  ̄▽ ̄)

The highlight is the minute details of the dance that follow the rhythm

Everyone, please be sure to master the dance

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