Blog update: “Gifu→Tokyo→Hehehe(* ´ω`)”

Maimi heads to the birthplace of someone close to her and then makes a detour on the way home to one of her favorite places in her October 28th update “Gifu→Tokyo→Hehehe(* ´ω`)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday, we had a performance of the NaruChika joint concert with S/mileage in Airi’s birthplace, Gifu

The instant we stepped out of the ticket gate at the station,
I saw a couple walking towards us grinning~(*´∇`*),

and it was actually Airi’s grandpa and grandma

It made me smile seeing Airi hug them while saying “Wow~ヽ(´ー`)ノ”

It seems that she hasn’t met them since she took the audition and joined Hello! Project while in her 2nd year of elementary school(゜o゜)/

When they came to see a performance in Nagoya, the distance from the stage to the audience was between them…

I’m really glad she could meet them this time°・(ノД`)・°・

Both her grandfather and grandmother seemed rea~lly happy

Or rather, they were happy for sure

They also gave us treats…

Thank you

A~h It made me feel really warm and fuzzy in the morning


And then, speaking of the NaruChika concert…

I was surprised by everyone in Gifu’s energy

The concept is “enjoying a concert as close as possible”, and I feel that everyone’s hearts became “as close as possible” too

It was the last concert as a 14-year-old for S/mileage’s Tamura Meimi-chan,
who was born on October 30th,

and during the encore, the members of team ℃-ute and the S/mileage fans came together

and chanted for Meimei and Airi

I could tell that the fans’ hearts had become “as close as possible”,

and it made me think “How warm~

For ℃-ute,
it was our first concert in Gifu, and I rea~lly fell in love with the place

I hope we can go there for a concert again~…

Everyone who participated, everyone who couldn’t participate but cheered for us…

Thank you very much

At yesterday’s NaruChika concert, I was rea~lly happy that the staff that we usually work with on music videos came all the way from Tokyo to watch

And then, they gave me some of this today too


Ooh(*´∇`*) I really love it Blood orange juice

I put it in the freezer because I wanted it to become cold quickly, but it seems I left it in too long and it froze

On the other hand, it was delicious frozen too~

Everyone toasted with the blood orange juice after the concert

Their excitement when they saw the blood orange juice in front of them…(*ノ▽ノ)lol

Also, since it’s almost Halloween, everyone was given matching Halloween goods (what I’m holding in my hand), and a variety of treats

In addition,
the staff that Okai-san works with on CBC’s “GoGoSuma” also came to watch

The treats were rea~lly adorable,

so all of the members said “How cute~~

I’m really, really happy that the staff members came to see the concert

Thank you



And then… Hehehehehehe(*´ω`)

After the concert was over, I didn’t return home

My mom came to pick me up in the car, and we’re heading to my grandmother’s house

But we haven’t arrived yet…(^∇^)

My grandmother’s house is really far away~

I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart to my mom for driving me°・(ノД`)・°・

The autumn colors here are rea~lly, really beautiful

And then, it’s cold f(^_^;)… Is it because it’s morning right now

I’ll be able to meet my grandma soon~(*´∇`*)

When I called her,
it seems she’s already heating up the bath and preparing food

I’ll attach pictures of this place’s beautiful scenery in tomorrow’s blog

Well then
Let’s have a wonderful day today

Until tomorrow~


Giants vs Rakuten

Yesterday Rakuten won

Tanaka Masahiro-san is really amazing

Ah My dad e-mailed me again, and it made me feel warm

But today’s update is already long, so I’ll write about it next time


The release commemoration events for ℃-ute’s 23rd single coming out November 6th “Tokai no Hitori Gurashi/Aitte Motto Zanshin” have been announced

We’ll hold events in a lot of places all over the country, like Tokyo, Saitama, Aichi, Miyagi, Osaka, Kagoshima, and Fukuoka

I can’t wait((o(^-^)o))

Please check the official website for details…


AHΣ( ̄□ ̄)!
My cellphone is out of range……(;A´▽`A

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