Blog update: “Osaka ya de~(^-^)”

Maimi wishes a Morning Musume member a happy birthday and puts on a performance in Osaka in her October 27th update “Osaka ya de~(^-^)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Today, October 27th,
is Morning Musume member Kudou Haruka-chan’s birthday

Kudou-chan is a really level-headed person~

The gap between her easygoing personality and her cool voice is also nice

Kudou-chan, have a wonderful year…

Happy birthday



Now then, yesterday we had a ℃-ute concert in Osaka

The day flies by when we have a concert~ヾ(^▽^)ノ

On this tour, we had 6 performances in Osaka held over 3 days

Everyone’s smiles made me happy, happy…

There was a child around the age of an elementary school student and it looked like they came with their older brother,

and it made me feel warm and fuzzy

Everyone who participated and everyone who cheered for us from afar, thank you very much

Ah That’s right
Between the day and evening performances,

I took a picture with each of the trainees who we are bringing along on this tour

Today I’ll attach a picture of Tanabe Nanami-chan, a.k.a. Nanamin, who covers Yajima’s parts in a variety of songs…


I’ll attach the pictures with the other members later!

And then at the night performance, S/mileage came to watch after their event finished(;_;)

I could see them clearly from the stage (lol)

Everyone in S/mileage… Thanks

After the performances, we went out to eat with S/mileage

At the restaurant,

it was announced that the Giants beat Rakuten

All of the players on the Giants… congratulations

I was cheering for both Rakuten and the Giants,

so I was happy no matter who won

S/mileage’s Takeuchi Akari-chan, known for being a Giants fan,
also said “Yes~\(^o^)/”

Here’s a picture with Take-chan


And then, a picture with Nacky while holding a dessert at the restaurant


I saw a variety of sides of the S/mileage members

Hehehe(  ̄▽ ̄)

Eating with S/mileage… It felt fresh and it was really fun

Now then, today we have a performance of the NaruChika tour with S/mileage in Gifu

The place Airi was born… I’m really interested in seeing what it’s like…

By the way, Yajima was born in Chiba, surprisingly(^∇^)

…Ah, you’re saying no one asked!?(;A´▽`A(lol)

Now then

I’ll go have fun today too This is the final performance of the month

I’ll go fired up

Did you check out the TV Tokyo program “God Tongue”,
which aired last night

Everyone who did, thank you

As for us… Actually, we haven’t seen it yet f(^_^;)

It seems it’ll be broadcast a little later here


It was surely recorded at home, so I’ll watch it when I go back

Those in places where it has yet to air,

please be sure to check it out when it does


On November 3rd,
℃-ute will perform at the “36th Kansai University Touitsu Gakuensai”,
which will be held at Kansai University Senriyama campus

The title is
“DIVE the LIVE ℃-ute in Kansai University”

Open: 2:30PM/Start: 3:30PM

Fanclub ticket applications are here…

General ticket sales are here…

Those who have time, please be sure to come and hang out

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  1. :O I’ve always thought that Maimi was from Saitama and not Chiba…kinda surprised to hear her say that she was born in Chiba…

    I’m also confused about Airi….is Airi from Chiba or Gifu??

    • Well she did say “surpisingly” lol. Maybe the nearest hospital to where they lived in Saitama prefecture was in Chiba? And Airi was born in Gifu.

      • Oh really? I thought I read somewhere about Airi being from Chiba or something….maybe the source got it wrong haha

        • Her hometown is listed as Chiba. Who knows what the story is, but I’m guessing the term “hometown” is a little looser in Japanese than English. It’s probably more along the lines of where they were raised.

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