Blog update: “Hiroshima→Okayama o(^o^)o”

Maimi hits the road with a mixture of ℃-ute and S/mileage members and takes the rain with her in her October 25th update “Hiroshima→Okayamao(^o^)o“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

I went with Nacky and Mai,

and from S/mileage,
Nakanishi Kana-chan(2)
and Takeuchi Akari-chan(3… It’s blurry)

to Hiroshima,

and had recordings for Hiroshima TV’s
“Enta Hiro TV! Jan”

and Hiroshima FM’s
“JP Standard”, which will air on November 16th

Being given the opportunity to go on a campaign with S/mileage members felt really fresh

When we arrived in Hiroshima, I was first moved by the autumn colors

The mountains were covered in red and yellow

I was sitting next to Nacky on our bus,

and we were both spellbound saying “It’s beautiful~(*´∇`*)

I wonder if it’d be even more amazing if the skies were clear~…(¨;)

We took the bus through the rain to an udon restaurant…

It seems that it’s a famous udon restaurant, and it was packed with customers

Eating hot udon during the cold season warms the body

The fried chicken and rice balls were also delicious(;_;)

I took a picture with everyone… But for some reason it didn’t save~( ̄□||||!!

I’m sorry

The food was delicious
We were given a chance to let everyone in Hiroshima know about ℃-ute and S/mileage through the TV and radio…

I’m really happy that we were able to go to Hiroshima(*´∇`*)


Next time I want to come here with everyone for a concert…

Afterwards, we went with the rain to Okayama

We arrived in Okayama,

and had a collaboration talk & handshake event with S/mileage at Ario Kurashiki(^^)




…Or so we had planned




But while we were in the dressing room getting excited saying “What should we talk about~~(^∇^)“,



we were told “Um… Sorry to interrupt while you’re getting excited… But the rain has caused problems with the speakers… So today will just be a handshake event“…( ; ゜Д゜)


Because of that,
we couldn’t have a talk event yesterday

Everyone looking forward to it… I apologize.

Even though it was raining, a lot of people came running to meet us after work and school finished…

I was really, really grateful

Everyone, you didn’t catch a cold did you Are you alright

It’s unfortunate we couldn’t have a talk event, but because of that we were able to talk to everyone longer than usual at the handshake event…

I received a lot of power

There were a lot of local people there,
and almost everyone said “Nice to meet you
or “It’s been a really, really long time

There were people who said that they always travel from Okayama to participate,

and on the contrary, people who came all the way to Okayama to participate

At any rate
I’m glad I was able to meet and talk to everyone

Thank you very much

Everyone who unfortunately couldn’t participate but still cheered for us, thank you

After the handshake event, everyone had dinner together~

We went out to eat yakiniku

The yakiniku… It was delicious~


I always think this, but S/mileage is so sociable they’re too sociable (lol)

Earlier I noticed them talking to the security guard at the airport luggage scan (lol)

Yesterday a store clerk was pouring water on the yakiniku netting with something that looked like a watering can,

and they accosted the clerk saying “It’s like a flower shop(^∇^)“(lol)

The store clerk said

“Ah… Haha(;A´▽`A… Uh, thank you??…”

like they were bewildered and didn’t know if they should thank them or not (lol)

S/mileage really have a lot of energy and are funny

Now then
Today we have the NaruChika concert with S/mileage in Okayama

“NaruChika” is an abbreviation of “as close as possible”

To be as close as possible to everyone, they’re held in live houses,

and after experiencing the Obihiro performances on opening day last time, I got to thinking

It was really, really hot

Therefore, everyone who participates, please keep hydrated~

A~h(*^.^*) I can’t wait

Let’s have a wonderful day today

Well then, until tomorrow’s update

Next time I want to go to Asakusa with Hagi-chan~(lol)


“NaruChika 2013 Autumn ℃-ute X S/mileage” will be held at Gifu club-G on October 27th,

and same-day tickets are being sold for both the day and night performances

You can make phone reservations starting at 11:00AM on that day

Sunday Folk Promotion:052-320-9100

Information about the performances is here

Please be sure to participate

Former ℃-ute member Umeda Erika-chan… She graduated 4 years ago today

It seems Erika is resuming musical activities

She’ll hold a one-man live in December

I want to hear Eri’s singing voice again

She sent me an e-mail on the day of our Budoukan concert, and Eri always supports ℃-ute
We’ve always been cheering for Eri too

I hope it becomes a wonderful one-man live…

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