Blog update: “Wandering around Asakusa~ Cooking shabu shabu~”

Maimi spends her day off with two of her close friends in her October 24th update “Wandering around Asakusa~Cooking shabu shabu~“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

I had the day off yesterday~

Earlier, Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan and I made a promise to go to Asakusa together…
And we finally went(*´∇`*)

I ate a lot of delicious things~(*´д`*)

I also bought a lot of souvenirs~

I had seen it often on TV…

But there really are a lot of things to do in Asakusa

The deep-fried karintou manjuu… It was crispy, hot, and delicious~(*´∇`*)

The cucumber with umi-shiso too

While the two of us wandered around, we decided to go to Sensouji temple…

The Kaminarimon paper latern was under maintenance, so there was a banner hanging instead(゜o゜)/


I thought

“Whoa~( ; ゜Д゜)
Bad timing

But a rickshaw driver on the road said

“No, no On the contrary, it’s rare“,

and us simple girls were like

“Oh Certainly!!(*´∇`*)

At Sensouji temple,
we decided “Let’s get our fortunes“,

and Chinami went first…


Chinami’s result was…





Excellent luck(゜o゜)/

“What a lucky girl(  ̄▽ ̄)

Me too(・~・´)


My result was………






Excellent luck tooo(*⌒―⌒*)o


We’re lucky girls



I carefully put the very lucky paper into my purse


Afterwards we made an offering…

We then decided “Let’s walk off everything we ate“,
and headed towards the Skytree…


We decided to go to Tokyo Solamachi’s planetarium


I love planetariums…

It seems Chinami has gone once before, but she was so young she doesn’t remember it…

She was excited saying “What’s it like~(*´∇`*)((o(^-^)o))


I hadn’t gone since a middle school field trip…

It had been a long time, so I was excited too…

The starry sky was beautiful~(*´-`)

Chinami loved it, and said “Listen, next time~ Let’s come back to the planetarium

Of course

We both had plans after that, so we had to say bye bye early


After going to Asakusa with Chinami, I returned home and waited

A little while after, my close friend came to pick me up in her car

We decided to eat in our hometown, and she drove us to a shabu shabu restaurant

I wrote about it in an earlier update, but I’ve ridden in her car twice

I said “What a safe driver“, and while watching my close friend hold the wheel, I thought “Even though we were once so small, this day has come~…” and started feeling really emotional

While in the car, a song that was popular when we were in middle school start playing, and we were like “Whoa(*´∇`*)”

At any rate, we couldn’t stop talking

While eating delicious shabu shabu, we talked for about 4 and a half hours

That girl eats rea~lly slowly (lol)

I eat everything at once, and am immediately like “I’m fu~ll(~▽~;) It hurts~“,

but she took her time and ate over 4 and a half hours(lol)

Like… She really has a beautiful heart… And her talks are charming

When we were little, she did ballet, and she has a picture in her room that has a button that plays her voice when pressed

It’s her voice saying

“When I get bigger, I want to become a ballet teacher“,

When I go there to hang out and press the button,

she always gets flustered and says “That’s embarassing O(><;)(;><)O Cut it out~(゜Д゜;≡;゜Д゜)”(lol)

That close friend is finally becoming a nurse

“I want to tell myself from the past ‘I’ll become a nurse soon~‘” she said

She consulted with me when she was confused on whether or not she should quit ballet…


She had accomplished a lot in ballet, so when she really quit,

my heart ached and I wondered “Did my words influence her~

and “Is this really for the best

But while talking yesterday, she said

“I really don’t have any regrets I’m glad that I quit ballet back then“,

and those words made me feel really relieved(;_;)

A~h, we talked and talked and never ran out of things to talk about

I was able to meet both Chinami and my close friend, so it was a really fun day

Now then Today at Ario Kurashiki,

we have the ℃-ute & S/mileage collaboration talk & handshake event…

Those who have time, please be sure to come and meet us

And then,
my solo gravure spread was published in the issue of “UTB” that went on sale yesterday

In addition,
all of ℃-ute appear in the serial article “Hello! Project Now.”,

which is in the issue of “B.L.T.” that goes on sale today


Please check out both I’m counting on you

Let’s have another HAPPY day today

I’m o~ff

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