Blog update: “Autumn of reading(^^)”

Maimi already starts looking back at the past year and catches a movie in her October 23rd update “Autumn of reading(^^)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Nacky, Mai, and myself had an interview and photoshoot for “Yan Yan”,
which goes on sale November 11th

In the interview, we looked back at the past year…

When I think that there’s only 2 months left in the year, I’m surprised by how fast time has flown(゜o゜)/

At the handshake event the day before yesterday,
some of the staff said goodbye saying “Have a good New Year~“\(◎o◎)/

It never felt like the year went by fast when I was in elementary school~

It was like

Christmas has come at long last~

and “I waited and waited for this
New Year’s Eve Banza~i\(^-^)/”

I often heard people saying “The year goes by quickly when you’re an adult“…

It’s true~(*´д`*)

It’s due to every day in 2013 being fulfilling

I’m grateful…

In addition, there’s a lot to look forward to in the 2 remaining months

2013 is a packed year

The interview and photoshoot finished in the evening…

On the way home,
I stopped to see the movie “Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.”
I’m glad I made it in time for the showing~

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen an animated movie

The movie is set in Chichibu,

which I just went to the other day to film for the TV Tokyo program
“Hello! SATOYAMA Life”

The Ryuusei Matsuri which we studied on the program appeared in the movie,

and the places we walked appeared too…

It made me think “Whoa(*´∇`*)”,

and I was so moved at the end that my eyes were filled with tears…(;_;)

I could understand why everyone said “I recommend it

It makes you think “Friends are nice~
and feel nostalgic in some respects…

I’m always immersed in the world of the movie after watching one…

This novel was at my house, so I started reading it thinking “I want to know more details”

Ah The autumn of reading has started too…

I will enjoy a variety of autumns~

By the way, as part of the autumn of food,
I ate persimmon yesterday~

It was rea~lly delicious
I love persimmon(〃▽〃)

Well then,
let’s have a wonderful day today

Until tomorrow~(‘∇’)


Today at 9:00PM,
the YouTube program
“Hello! Station #38” will be uploaded

This time,
you can see our comments about our double A-side single coming out November 6th, “Tokai no Hitori Gurashi/Aitte Motto Zanshin”,

the dance shot version of “Tokai no Hitori Gurashi”,

and Airi singing “Yes! all my family” in the solo corner

Please be sure to check it out

Also, tomorrow

myself, Nacky, and Mai from ℃-ute,

and Nakanishi Kana-chan and Takeuchi Akari-chan from S/mileage

will have the “℃-ute& S/mileage Collaboration Talk & Handshake Event @ Ario Kurashiki”

Please check here for details…

We’re waiting for a lot of people to participate

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