Maimi’s “Glass to Mizu” handshake event

JiJi Press has uploaded an article and video (above) covering the release commemoration handshake event held yesterday in Shinjuku for Maimi’s latest solo photobook “Glass to Mizu”.
In the PR segment, Maimi began by explaining that the photobook is a collection of photos of her from 3 years earlier, when her hair was still short and she looked a little more childlike, and that she had no idea at the time that those pictures would become a photobook 3 years later. In addition, Maimi introduced a picture of her and Aroma, who makes her photobook debut in “Glass to Mizu”, as one of her favorites. Maimi was worried about how Aroma would behave at the photoshoot since she’s a mischevious dog, but that she was so quiet and well-behaved at the photoshoot that Maimi was worried something was wrong with her.
Moving on to the topic of ℃-ute, Maimi talks about how fast the time has gone by since they joined Hello! Project 11 years ago. Finally, in their 12th year, they reached their goal of performing at Nippon Budoukan, which Maimi credits to the support of the fans. Currently ℃-ute is on the “NaruChika” tour with S/mileage performing in places Maimi hasn’t been before, and she relishes in the chance to try those places’ delicious local specialties. She also enjoys performing with the younger S/mileage members and so close to the crowd which is filled with a mix of both groups’ fans.
Maimi was asked about something she’s into lately, and to no surprise to anyone who regularly reads her blog updates, she responded with “blood orange juice” and talked about the variety of blood orange-flavored goods she’s come across lately. She was then asked about any recent incidents, and she told the story of how when she was leaving the hotel in Nagoya to go to Osaka the other day, she realized that she left her wallet at the hotel. It was too late for her to go back to the hotel since she was about to board the bullet train to Osaka, so she had to borrow money off of Nacky (fellow ℃-ute member Nakajima Saki) the entire day. Maimi assured everyone that she paid her back the day of the event though, and said that she wants to be a more level-headed leader from now on.

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