Blog update: “Goal!!(*’-‘)”

Maimi experiences happiness and frustration at a ℃-ute concert in her October 20th update titled “Goal(*’-‘)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

I’m updating from Nagoya again today(^^)っ

Yesterday we appeared live on CBC TV’s “Hanasaka Times”

They were introducing a lot of delicious things in the morning, so I became hungry~(;A´▽`A lol

Being able to appear and make an announcement before our concert in Nagoya…

I’m really grateful

Thank you to everyone who checked it out

And then, the Nagoya concert

It was as happy a time as possible

It was really fun

How was it, everyone(‘v’?)
I hope you enjoyed it

Summer has passed and the temperature has gone down, so concerts feel comfortable

I felt like my blood was going to rush to my head during the summer~(~ロ~;)

Even though it was cooler, I was still soaked with sweat
But it’s a good feeling that makes me think “We had a concert(・∀・´)”

The members talked about it in the last MC and their blogs,

but Nippon Tokushuu Tougyou Shimin Kaikan Forest Hall is a large venue with 4 floors,
and we have yet to fill it entirely for a ℃-ute solo concert

Morning Musume has a concert in the same venue today, and when I hear that they’ve filled all of the seats, it’s frustrating…

In addition, we almost did it during ℃-ute’s previous tour…

Even though last time I thought
“I want to put on a concert that makes everyone who comes think ‘I want to participate again next time‘”… We couldn’t do it

I felt it’s our weakness

whether we fill the venue or not…

There are people who looked forward to the ℃-ute concert and came to the venue

No matter the circumstances, I want to show my gratitude for those people….

For example, even if there’s only 1 fan at the venue, I want to put on a full-powered performance

I think being able to feel frustrated is a fortunate thing

Since there’s a problem, you work hard towards it, and everyone’s goal becomes the same

“We’ll fill it next time for sure(・ー・´)”… All of ℃-ute left the venue with that thought

I want the 5 of us to pursue a charm that will attract people(・∀・´)


It was a day where I felt happiness and motivation

Everyone who participated,
and then, everyone who wanted to but couldn’t because of circumstances…

Thank you so much for your support

℃-ute will do our best~(・∀・´)

Well then, here are pictures from yesterday (the treat series)…

Cream puff

…That said, it’s not a normal cream puff(゜o゜)/

It had a maple flavor,

and Nacky and Airi, who were eating it with me, were moved

“What’s this(///∇///) Deli~cious


With all the trainees who are also participating in the tour

I definitely want everyone to try it

I don’t think you can understand what it is from the pictures,
but it’s “Yoshimitsu” warabi-mochi

So delicious, so delicious…°・(ノД`)・°・

I want to eat it again

Ah Even though I casually just wrote that…… It’s important that we make everyone who comes to our concerts feel that way

I’ll aim to capture the charm of Yoshimitsu’s warabi-mochi~(・∀・´)

And then, lastly,



Even though it was filled with anko and amazingly big, I made short work of it f(^_^)
This was delicious too

Delicious things make a person happy

Now then
Today at 4:00PM~
at Osaka’s Abeno HOOP,

Nacky and I will have a release commemoration event for the single coming out November 6th, “Tokai no Hitori Gurashi/Aitte Motto Zanshin”

I’m looking forward to being able to meet a lot of people

Those who have the time, please be sure to come and meet us…

By the way,

Airi and Mai are having an events at LA CITTADELLA in Kanagawa…

Okai-chan will be working hard at another job

Let’s have a wonderful day today too

Until tomorrow~(*´∇`*)


Today, October 20th, is Niigaki Risa-san’s birthday

Happy birthday, Niigaki-san

We appeared together in a play for the first time this summer,

She watched over me a lot
She was like an older sister

She’d occasionally e-mail me, and I’d e-mail her too

At any rate, she’s a kind senior

Niigaki-san, please have a wonderful year

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