Blog update: “Photoshoot DAY(^^ゞ”

Maimi spends the day getting her picture taken in her October 19th update “Photoshoot DAY(^^ゞ“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

In yesterday’s update,

I wrote “It’s our first school festival in Kansai!”,

but October of last year,
℃-ute appeared at Osaka Gakuin University’s school festival.

Everyone at Osaka Gakuin University…
I’m sorry for making that mistake even though you went through a lot of trouble to invite us.

Everyone who participated at the school festival and everyone who reads the blog,
I apologize.

I’ll do my best at Kansai University’s school festival too!!!

And then,
right now on ℃-ute’s YouTube channel,
the music videos for the double A-side single coming out on November 6th are open to the public

“Tokai no Hitori Gurashi”…

“Aitte Motto Zanshin”…

There are already a lot of comments with people’s impressions, so I’m really happy(*´∇`*)

Those who haven’t watched them yet, please check them out


Yesterday, ℃-ute had interviews and photoshoots for

which goes on sale November 8th,

and “CD&DL Data”,
which goes on sale November 14th


we had photoshoots for goods for the Christmas concert at Tokyo Yamano Hall on December 23rd,
and the traditional Hello! Project new year’s concerts

When I think that we’re already having photoshoots for next year’s events, it makes me realize that this year has gone by in the blink of an eye…

I’ll enjoy the remaining 2 months in 2013(*´∇`*)

There was Tirol chocolate at the photoshoot location


This is something I love

The flavor that can only be found during the winter,

kinako mochi flavor

I became rea~lly excited♪ヽ(´▽`)/

The cold has already gone beyond autumn into winter

Right now,
everyone is drinking caramel steamers from Starbucks, and it’s warming us up(*´д`*)=3

It’s been a long time since I had a caramel steamer, and it’s delicious

And then, a bonus picture


These three during a break yesterday

Now then

Today at 9:25AM,
℃-ute will appear live on CBC TV’s “Naruhodo Presenter! Hanasaka Times”


And then,
afterwards we will have a ℃-ute concert at the Nippon Tokushuu Tougyou Shimin Kaikan Forest Hall

Today’s another Nagoya DAY

We had to head out early today,
so we stayed at a hotel in the city instead of returning home yesterday,

but I received an e-mail from my dad happily saying

“The Giants have advanced to the Nippon Series

I’m looking forward to what happens next~(*´∇`*)

Speaking of e-mail,
I received an e-mail from the close friend whom I went with to Kamakura’s fireworks festival this summer

Recently I’m always listening to ℃-ute songs, and it gets me excited~!
They give me energy(o^^o)

Also, I want to go eat Enoshima’s seafood bowl again~

I know you’re busy, but let’s hang out when you have a day off!
Let me know”…

Just receiving an e-mail from her gives me energy

I have plans for my next time off,

but I want to go and meet my close friend again too


Well then
Let’s have a wonderful day today too

Until tomorrow’s update~


On October 20th,
we will hold release commemoration handshake events for our new single “Tokai no Hitori Gurashi/Aitte Motto Zanshin”

Osaka・Abeno HOOP→…


Those who have the time, please be sure to come and meet us

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