Blog update: “Harmonious~(* ´∇`*)”

Maimi recaps her day in Nagoya yesterday and looks foward to the next day’s concert in her October 18th update “Harmonious~(* ´∇`*)“. Full translation below.

Good evening
It’s Maimi


Yesterday everyone in ℃-ute went to Nagoya~(*´∇`*)

we recorded comments for Nagoya TV


Related to our new song coming out November 6th “Tokai no Hitori Gurashi”,
we talked about living on our own,

each ℃-ute member gave a comment to the camera one-by-one…, etc…

It was really exciting

all of ℃-ute appeared on Okai-chan’s regular program

CBC’s “GoGoSuma”

It’s the first time all members have appeared

I’m really, really grateful to the staff and Chisato

During the program, there was a present corner where we called a viewer live

If they answer the phone and answer with the keyword announced during the show, they get a present,

and the person who got the wonderful present was a 60-year-old man

He said “My wife is delighted too“…

Though we couldn’t see them, when I thought “That couple is watching ℃-ute on TV~(*´∇`*)“, it made me happy


And then,
lastly we filmed a talk & performance segment for “BOMBER-E I-NIGHT”


It felt like an event, but it was being filmed… It was a strange feeling

Everyone who participated, thank you for cheering loudly

The number of people in the audience was limited, so the distance between us and the audience was short, and it was a really fun time

Everyone who wasn’t chosen to get tickets but still cheered for us
Everyone who couldn’t come because of circumstances but still cheered for us

Thank you very much

It’ll air next month

I’ll announce the date when the broadcast gets closer

Tomorrow we have a ℃-ute concert in Nagoya~

It will be held at the Nippon Tokushuu Tougyou Shimin Kaikan Forest Hall, so those who have time, please be sure to come and hang out

We’ll go with ℃-ute power at full throttle~ε=ε=(ノ≧∇≦)ノ


And then, it was announced some time ago, but we will appear at Kansai University’s school festival on November 3rd



I’m rea~lly happy

The only other time we’ve gone to the Kansai region for a school festival was Osaka Gakuin University’s school festival last year

I’ll do my best to make a lot of people interested in ℃-ute(・∀・´)

Before tickets go on general sale, you can apply for them through the fan club

Details are here

Now then, all of ℃-ute were together all day today

Just a little while ago, I went with Nacky and Hagi-chan to a family restaurant for dinner~(*´∇`*)

Cheese in hamburger
The cheese was goo~~ey… It was the best(*^.^*)

I’m full~

I’ll write more about today’s jobs in tomorrow’s update

Well, until then

Good night

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