Blog update: “Kikikaikaiヽ( ´ー`)ノ”

Maimi goes and sees something very strange in her October 12th update “Kikikaikaiヽ( ´ー`)ノ“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday we had a photoshoot for “UTB” at Futagotama River


We wore 2 outfits

We were blessed with good weather, and the photoshoot proceeded smoothly

During the shoot on the riverbed,
the combination of the sunlight filtering through the trees and the gentle breeze felt great

I’ll announce the release date later, so please be sure to wait for it

The photoshoot finished at night,

and I went with my manager to Rikkoukai Hall to see the play

“Kikikaikai ~Oinosaka no Mononoke Tachi~”…

Appearing in Kikikaikai are
Deai Masayuki-san
and Shikano Yuuji-san,

who were my costars in the first showing of the Hatagumi play

Enokizono Ikuya-san,

who I costarred with in “CAT’SEYE”,

and Saito Yusuke-san,

who I haven’t costarred with yet, but who has appeared in plays with Hello! Project members countless times


It was a really fun play

It was fun playing detective like “Perhaps this is…(¬_¬)”

As the story progressed, there were unexpected developments that surprised me and made me think “Eh(゜o゜) That’s what that was“…

The important message during the happy ending will always remain in my heart

The fight scenes were also really cool

Midway through the fight,
“Yagi Juubee”, who is played by Deai-san,
spun around on the floor and dodged the attack of the enemy

After the performance,
Deai-san said “I slipped, and I’m sorry for showing you my mistake


Eh That was a mistake…(*゜O゜*)

He covered for a mistake like that with that movement…

During practice for the sword fight in the play “Taklamakan”, I dropped the pole I was using for the fight,

and I was like “Ah! I dropped it! What do I do?“…

I fell completely out of character

At that time,
the director Hata-san said “What would you do if you were really fighting and dropped your weapon?

You have no weapon!
You’ll probably die!
So in that situation, shouldn’t you kick your opponent and use that opportunity to pick up your weapon

When I dropped my pole during the actual performance but didn’t fall out of character, I was glad that I made the mistake during practice

Because of my experience, I thought that Yagu Juubee’s natural cover was really amazing, and I learned from it

Deai-san’s role was also really cool,
and his aura and calming voice as Yagi Juubee were really amazing
Even on the set with uneven footing, his movements were sharp It was as mesmirizing as always I watched glued to his performance


Shikano-san’s outfit, posture, and deep and strong voice were really cool
He was a different Shikano-san than appeared in “Ran”
But, in the second half…… Hehehe(*´ω`) I would spoil it if I said any more, but that gap was amazing

I reunited with the 2 of them after 3 years,
and I was happy to see that the both of them seemed well and their smiles haven’t changed(*´∇`*)


Enokizono-san’s role was completely different than his role in “CAT’SEYE” I was impressed by the variations of his expressions, voice, and movements when we costarred together, and I thought it was really amazing how Enokizono-san could perfectly adapt to his current role too

And then, Saito Yusuke-san, who gave me the ticket
We haven’t costarred together, but I’ve seen countless of his plays, and each time I think “I love Saito-san’s plays~” I’ve watched him play a variety of roles, so I feel I can notice how he changes his posture, the way he walks, etc. based on the role He played a likeable character, and got laughs from the entire venue this time too

I’ve written a lot, but I’m really glad I was able to go and watch this play

Everyone in the cast, please run forward towards the closing performance without injury

I’ll do my best too(・∀・´) I received power from them

Now then
Tomorrow is ℃-ute’s appearance at the Touyou Gakuen University Hire Hire Matsuri

I’ve got to go over everything for tomorrow
I’ll do my best to increase team ℃-ute

Until tomorrow’s update(^o^)

Tickets for “NaruChika 2013 Aki ℃-ute X S/mileage” went on sale today

11/30 (Sat.) Aomori Quarter (Aomori)

12/1 (Sun.) darwin (Miyagi)

12/6 (Fri.) Matsuyama Salon Kitty (Ehime)

12/7 (Sat.) Kouchi X-pt. (Kouchi)

12/8 (Sun.) Takamatsu MONSTER (Kagawa)

Please check here for details…

I’m waiting for a lot of people to participate

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  1. The title of the play “Kikikaikai ~Oinosaka no Mononoke Tachi~” translates as “Very Strange ~The Monsters of Oinosaka~”.

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