Blog update: “Got it(‘ ∇’)”

Maimi watches herself on DVD and catches someone sleeping in her bed in her October 8th update “Got it(‘ ∇’)“. Full translation below.

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

The weather here today is nice

I returned home at night yesterday, and Airi and I were surprised how warm it was(゜o゜)/

It was yesterday that we had the public recording for “MUSIC JAPAN”

Of all the variety of artists appearing,
℃-ute was the top batter(゜o゜)/

We performed the November 6th release “Tokai no Hitori Gurashi”

The cheers from the venue made me really happy

Thank you very much


I’ll announce the air date later

Well then, here are pictures from yesterday

In the dressing room before the performance

At NHK’s dining hall
Yaji had soba~

we had a photoshoot and interview for “B.L.T.”

Everyone talked about a variety of things,

like our feelings after our Budoukan concerts last month,

“Tokai no Hitori Gurashi”,

and then, the other song that will be released with it as part of the double A-side single,

“Aitte Motto Zanshin”

It goes on sale October 24th
Please be sure to check it out

In addition
I was finally handed this yesterday

The DVD for the Hatagumi play I starred in from May 31st to June 11th this year, “Taklamakan”

I watched it right away
A~h… Again I felt that I was able to appear in a wonderful play…

It really does contain a variety of messages…

It’s heartrending~…

But, watching the DVD objectively like this, I was able to see a lot of things I hadn’t noticed until now

For example, the expressions of costars when I was on stage myself

In the scenes I didn’t appear in, I was aware of my costars’ movements, expressions, and speaking voices from watching at practice,

but when I was on stage as “Kei”, at times I could only see their back from where I was standing, and even though we were on the same stage, we were in different spaces in the story,


so I noticed things like “Ah, they said this while making that expression” even more

On the contrary,
I saw my own expressions and thought “Ah I made a face like that“…


A~h, I made a lot of discoveries now, both frustrating and happy…

They recorded the final day of practice for the bonus footage, and it made me feel really nostalgic

There’s an intense sword battle in the play, so I ran out of breath every day (lol)

I was immediately reminded of the tension of the practice hall

Every day was full of learning…

I want to appear in a Hata-gumi play again

I want to get a lot of motivation,
to learn,
and to grow

That’s right
The playwright and director Hata Takehiko-san,

the staff I worked with during the play, and my costars came to the Budoukan concerts(T^T)

I was really happy

Once again, I feel like I’m blessed with the people around me~…

By the time I finished watching the DVD it had become late at night,

so I thought “Alright, time for bed” and went to the second floor, and when I turned on the lights to my room,

my pet dog Aroma was curled up in a ball and sleeping on my bed by herself(*´д`*)


She waited by herself in the dark(T-T)

She was so adorable, I held her tightly,

but she made a face like “What a pest(;-_-)=3”, hopped off my bed, and walked off~≡≡(*´д`*)っ…≡≡┐(;ー~ー)┌


It’s not good to wake them up and pester them(¨;) I repent! I repent! I repent! I repent! I repent!(^_^;

Now then
Let’s be HAPPY into the afternoon as well

Until tomorrow’s update~

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