Blog update: “Very delicious(* ´д`*)”

Maimi fills up on Hokkaido’s delights in her October 7th update “Very delicious(* ´д`*)“. Full translation below.

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

It’s really, really hot here(;~▽~)

I feel like I’m going to get a sunburn…

I wonder if it feels even hotter since we were in Hokkaido until yesterday

Yeah It’s like nice summer weather

The concert in Sapporo yesterday… It was as fun as can be

I’m happiest when I’m seeing everyone’s smiles at our concerts

It had been 4 years since ℃-ute had a concert in Sapporo
In addition, it’s our first there since becoming a 5-member group

I’m glad I was able to meet all the members of team ℃-ute in Hokkaido who were always waiting for this day

There were a lot of people participating for the first time at the venue

The reactions from the venue were fresh~(*´∇`*)

And then, when we asked “Girls~ Men~“, people held up their hands and it looked to be split 50:50

I was surprised at the cheers of all the girls, as they didn’t lose to the men’s powerful cheers

I’m really, really grateful to the people who came to Sapporo from afar too

Were you able to eat Hokkaido’s delicious foods

I did~(  ̄▽ ̄)

We left the hotel early and went to the over-the-counter market

There I ate sea urchin and salmon roe on rice, Okhostk Atka mackerel, fatty tuna…


Everything was so delicious

As expected of Hokkaido
It’s on a different level~(T^T)
Those living in Hokkaido can eat fresh and delicious things like this every day… (。-∀-)I’m jealous

The sea urchin was chewy
The mackerel was tender
It felt as if the fatty tuna was melting in my mouth~

I ate breakfast while thinking “Haa~… How happy…(*´д`*)”

We had some spare time, so I bought a lot of souvenirs\(^-^)/

Before I knew it, I had bought too much…(;A´▽`A

I bought crab, mackerel, salmon, sea urchin…
And also scallops

Arrive at my home soon~

I’m happy(‘∇’)

I discovered and bought this~


Hokkaido’s mild coffee

The can is cute

And then, Nacky and Airi told me “You can eat melon for 100 yen It’s delicious, so try it“,

and I ate melon too

It was juicy and delicious(///∇///)


I fully enjoyed Hokkaido

Hokkaido is a great place~

The very best
The people of Hokkaido, banzai\(^-^)/

Thanks to that,
I performed at the concert with the power of seafood and rice

The November 6th release “Aitte Mottoe Zanshin”, which we debuted the day before yesterday,
was added to the setlist,

so a lot of people were able to hear it

I’ll be happy if everyone who participated in the Sapporo performances thinks

“Yesterday’s concert was fun

Thank you very much to everyone who cheered for us even though they unfortunately couldn’t participate in the Sapporo performances too

We’ll do our best to be able to have another concert in Hokkaido Everyone in Hokkaido, please wait for us~

Lastly, a picture with milk we bought on the way home from Hokkaido


Now then,
today’s the public recording of NHK’s “MUSIC JAPAN”

a happy thing happened in regards to “MUSIC JAPAN”

Among the people participating in the individual handshake event,

there were some who had gone to see the recording of “MUSIC JAPAN” for another performer,

and they said “I saw ℃-ute for the first time there, and I became a fan

I was extremely happy

Once again I felt that opportunities like this are a chance for us to show a ℃-ute performance to people who don’t know about us yet(T^T)

We gotta treasure each and every job we get

So that as many people as possible think
“I want to cheer for these girls” today, I’ll go fired up and do my best(・∀・´)

Well then, I’m o~ff


Today, the issue of “Top Yell” where ℃-ute appears on the cover goes on sale(^o^)

There’s also a concert report of our performances at Nippon Budoukan on September 9th and 10th, so please be sure to check it out

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