Blog update: “Obihiro→Sapporo(*^.^*)”

Maimi and the girls put on a hot concert in the cold north in her October 6th update “Obihiro→Sapporo(*^.^*)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Morning has arrived in Sapporo~(*´∇`*)

the joint live house tour with S/mileage “NaruChika 2013 Aki ℃-ute X S/mileage” started in Obihiro

The moment we arrived at the airport,
we were like “Cold((((゜д゜;))))”

But the clear and pleasantly cool air feels great

I started to want to stretch out and throw myself down right where I was

From the airport it was about 40 minutes
We arrived at the venue without any problems
The first thing I said when entering the dressing room was


It was a nostalgic-feeling Showa era-esque room

There were zabuton laid out,
and there was also a heater…

I was like
“Haa~ It’s calming
“It’s laidback
“It’s relaxing“…

For Yaji, it was a really comforting room

…That said, it was my first time using a heater this season(´ー`)

I thought “It’s already the season for this(゜o゜)/”…

But it’s because we’re in Hokkaido~

Whenever I see winter in Hokkaido on TV, it looks really cold… I start shivering just seeing it…((((゜д゜;))))

Everyone in Hokkaido overcomes that cold every year…

A~h, I really have a lot of respect for them(*´д`*)
I think it’s going to steadily get colder from here on, so please be careful not to catch a cold

…I’ve gotten off topic…

I discovered someone snuggling up there


While all the members were saying “How cuteヽ(≧▽≦)/” and laughing loudly…

She was sleeping (lol)

There’s always someone like that(lol)
One person who can’t tear themselves away from the heater (lol)

I can easily imagine her sleeping face just from looking at her from behind…(lol)

Surely it’s like this…

A~h, that kind of Chissa is lovely

After putting our luggage in the dressing room,
we went to eat Obihiro’s specialty, tondon~

I thought my stomach was going to burst~

There were 6 slabs of meat from a large pig piled on top(゜o゜)/

As expected, I became full while eating,
but since it was so delicious and the “flavor of Obihiro”, I felt it’d be a waste to not finish it, so I ate it all(  ̄▽ ̄)

Ah By the way, I’ve uploaded before and after pictures on the cellphone site “PokeMo” tour diary, so please check them out, if you like

The meat and the rice soaked with the sauce were both as delicious as can be~

Thank you for the meal

With the power from the tondon, we had the concert

The live house was amazing~

The heat reminded me of our beachside summer concert at Otodama, and I completely forgot about the cold outside

Us and everyone who came sweat a lo~t\(◎o◎)/

And then, it felt really fresh having a joint concert with the 6 members of S/mileage, and I was able to see sides of them I hadn’t seen before

When S/mileage were singing on stage, I watched from the side, and I suddenly made eye contact with one of the members

And then, they gave me a smile

A~h… I could understand the fans’ feelings (lol)

I was struck head-on by her cuteness(///∇///)

Haa What a nice position(lol)

S/mileage were overflowing with energy in the dressing room too…

I think they’re the liveliest group in Hello! Project… (lol)


Takeuchi Akari-chan looked cute as she smiled towards the mirror while putting on rouge, so again Yaji-cameraman sprung into action


There’s a lot of cute girls, so it’s a problem for Yaji-cameraman~(*´д`*)lol

Since we haven’t had a chance to come to Obihiro before, there were a lot of people who were so happy they cried the instant we appeared on stage and during the handshake event,

so I was really glad we were able to meet them(T^T)

I’m sorry we haven’t been able to come until now

We’ll do our best so that we can come again

I think there are also people who couldn’t come because of a variety of circumstances

But I’m looking forward to the day we’re able to meet

Thank you for cheering for us from afar

I wrote about some things I ran out of space to write about here on the PokeMo tour diary, so I’ll be happy if you read that as well

Today we have a ℃-ute solo concert at Sapporo Shimin Hall

℃-ute love concerts, so we haven’t been able to contain our excitement this morning…((o(^-^)o))

It’s been 4 years since we had a solo concert in Sapporo, so I think there’ll be a lot of people participating for the first time ever and people participating for the first time in awhile

So that those people will think “I want to participate in a ℃-ute concert again

And then, so that people who came to Sapporo from far away don’t have any regrets either, we will put on the best concert possible

We’ll give it our all(・∀・´)

Everyone, if you have the time, please come and join in

Well then, I’m off for toda~y


It seems the tickets for Berryz Koubou’s performance at Nippon Budoukan on November 29th are sold out

Everyone in Berryz Koubou, congratulations

Berryz Koubou appeared at ℃-ute’s concert at Budoukan…

I hope ℃-ute can go cheer for them too

I want to continue to work hard together as good friends and good rivals

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