Blog update: “Soshite, Chichi ni Naru(T_T)”

Maimi catches a movie and gets ready to head north in her October 5th update “Soshite, Chichi ni Naru(T_T)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

I went to see a movie by myself for the first time in awhile yesterday

Recently, I haven’t gone to see any movies at all~(^^;;

This is what I saw~(  ̄▽ ̄)
“Soshite, Chichi ni Naru”

Children were switched at birth and raised by couples as their own child for 6 years.

They find out the truth and it shatters their lives, but during all that they grow as parents!!

When I heard the summary on TV,

I thought “Whoa What would I do if this happened to me…


I watched the actual movie…

And it was heavy~

I empathized with a variety of standpoints

Even though the child did nothing wrong, they’re suddenly told “Someone different will be your mama and papa starting tomorrow!”…

They’d think “Am I not wanted in this house anymore?” and it will leave a deep scar on their hearts…

But I understand the parents’ conflict too

The child that they had loved up to this point?

Or the child who they are related to by blood?

A~h It’s no good
I can’t think about that


I even thought “Ooh(●`ε´●) I can never forgive him” at one of the people in the movie!!(^^;;

…Even though he was just playing his role… Sorry(;^_^A

Though, seeing the father notice his own shortcomings,

and gradually, gradually changing himself… Yaji’s tear glands were on the brink of collapse

It’s still a ways off,
but when I become a mother some day, I want to be a mother who can understand how her children feel and properly watch over them

And then, I want to love them a lo~~t

…That’s what the movie made me think

I’m not sure if it’s because I watched the movie,

but my feelings of gratitude to my mom and dad flared up,

so I returned home with presents I bought for the 2 of them

I was able to hand it to my dad in person,
but I couldn’t meet my mom because she was running errands, and I had to stay at a hotel overnight since we’d be traveling to Hokkaido,

so I left it near her bed with a letter

I wonder if my mother noticed~
It’s a little embarassing(///∇///)

By the way,
my dad said “What’s this for(゜o゜)/” and was surprised and delighted (lol)

Though I was going to go to the city by myself,

he told me “I’ll take you For the sake of my cute daughter…… Just kidding f(^_^)”(lol)

My father is as cheerful as always

I’ll have fun and do my best in Hokkaido too

Right now, I’m rea~lly excited

It’s my first time going to Obihiro

In addition, I’ll be really, really close to everyone in the live house(*ノ▽ノ)

I absolutely hope that everyone enjoys the S/mileage and ℃-ute joint concert…

Well then
All aboard~


The Yajima Maimi photobook “Glass to Mizu” comes out in 10 days
It’s a photobook featuring the 18-year-old Yajima Maimi

Everyone, please be sure to pick it up

In addition
Those who haven’t checked out “9-gatsu 10-ka wa ℃-ute no Hi” yet, please be sure to do so

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