Blog update: “First star☆(* ´д`*)”

Maimi goes to a shoot for a ℃-ute music video and does some stargazing in her September 28th update “First star☆(* ´д`*)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday we had the music video filming for our new song coming out on November 6th

The filming… It was held at ruins in Chiba…

It felt really tasteful

The lighting was also really beautiful and mysterious

We filmed the music video for this song while making strong facial expressions(・ー・´)

Our make-up was heavier than usual too

Everyone glared at the camera(^人^)

I wrote about it in an earlier blog, but this song’s dance is finely detailed

There were some changes before the recording, and it changed to a dance that looks even more detailed

We recorded a lot of dance scenes and I sweat a lot, so when this music video goes public,

I’ll be happy if everyone learns how to do the dance

By the way, all of the music video staff learned the dance and performed it together (lol)

I’m glad

When will I be able to tell everyone the title…


Please be sure to look forward to it

this song will be released on a double A-side with “Tokai no Hitorigurashi”,

and I like their coupling songs as well

Ah~ I want everyone to hear them soon

I can’t wait…((o(^-^)o))

Well then, here I’ll attach a picture of first star I saw at the filming location yesterday…☆


Can you see it(・v・)
The star above the telephone pole

My imagination runs wild when I think about stars and space, so it’s fun

That star has probably already burnt out

But we’ll still be able to see it’s light during our lives as if it a~lways still existed

On the contrary, a small, sma~ll star that was just there yesterday disappears without anyone noticing…

Space is mysterious~(*´∇`*)

…That said, this is sudden, but I was bitten by mosquitoes in the ruins yesterday°・(ノД`)・°・

Even though this summer was a happier summer than usual because I wasn’t bitten…

When I was bitten, I thought “This isn’t that itchy“,

but it’s rea~lly itchy right now…
Even though I put cream on the bug bite, the itchiness has completely won out

A~h, no good No good
I hope it gets better soon…

While battling the itchiness,

we’ll have release commemoration polaroid and individual handshake events for “Kanashiki Amefuri/Adam to Eve no Dilemma” today at Nippon Seinenkan

I hope I can see a lot of smiles today too…

I’m o~ff





With the fruit tart I made in a section for the ℃-ute book

“9-gatsu 10-nichi wa ℃-ute no Hi“…(〃▽〃)



Right now,

the Hello! Shop & Mall are accepting preorders for a “Hello! Shop original cover” edition of the Yajima Maimi photobook that will be released on October 15th (Tues), “Glass to Mizu”

The deadline is tomorrow, so those who haven’t preordered yet, please be sure to do so…

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