Blog update: “Chichibu~ヽ( ´ー`)ノ”

Maimi’s rain girl powers grant her the day off and she goes travelling for the SATOYAMA program in her September 26th update “Chichibu~ヽ( ´ー`)ノ“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

I can’t remember what time I fell asleep yesterday…

I was asleep before I knew it

And then, I woke up naturally at 5:00AM this morning…

Early to bed and early to rise
Aren’t I healthy(lol)

Actually, I had an all-day filming job planned for today,

but since the weather was bad because of the typhoon, I was told yesterday that the filming has been postponed(゜o゜)/

Therefore, I suddenly got the day off(;A´▽`A

I had planned to stay overnight in the city, but I changed my plans and returned home yesterday

My pet dogs greeted me with their tails wagging

When I sat on the chair,
Cologne begged “Hold me Hold me” and jumped up (lol)

I put her on my lap, and she put her head down and went “Phe~w(*´o`*)=3″…(lol)

Doggies’ noses are moist if they’re healthy,

and when I picked her up off my lap,
Cologne’s nose had dripped on my jeans (lol)

Afterwards, when I laid on the sofa,

Cologne and Aroma also slept next to me, and it was blissful

They soothed me as always~(*´∇`*)

Now then,
changing the subject,
I went with Chichibu with Nacky,
S/mileage’s Takeuchi Akari-chan,
and Juice=Juice’s Miyazaki Yuka-chan

to film for the program that airs every Thursday at 1:00AM on TV Tokyo,
“Hello! SATOYAMA Life”

I wrote that it felt like I was travelling with Take-chan on my blog the day before yesterday,

and it was for this filming

Chichibu is a nice place

With the exception of Miyazaki-chan, all of the members are from Saitama,

but actually,
it was our first time visiting Chichibu

There’s an abundance of nature,
and the air was clear the moment we left the station,

so that was enough to lift my spirits,

and everything we ate in Chichibu was delicious

The people were kind

We did something fun in the Arakawa river

Saitama banza~i

Miyazaki-chan, who is from Ishikawa prefecture, said “Saitama is a nice place” and I happily responded “Isn’t it Isn’t it“…(  ̄▽ ̄)

Next time I’d like Miyazaki-chan to take me around Ishikawa prefecture where she lives

I was able to talk a lot with Take-chan and Miyazaki-chan,
who belong to different groups

And it was a really fun shoot

Ah… The thing I ate at that restaurant…
It was so delicious that I want to eat it again as soon as possible

It was so delicious I hope they build a restaurant next to my house (lol)

The filming we did at Chichibu will begin broadcasting next week,

so I want everyone to be sure to eat it after seeing it on TV

Now then
I’ll probably spend today relaxing

Everyone, have a wonderful day…


℃-ute appears on the front cover of “GiRL POP”,
which went on sale yesterday

Everyone, please be sure to check it out

In addition
℃-ute’s appearance on the Me-TV program “BOMBER-E I-NIGHT” has been decided

They’ve started accepting audience members for the talk show & concert recording

Schedule: October 17th (Thurs) 7:30PM~ start

Venue: Me~TV B Studio

Application period: September 26th (Thurs) 10:00AM ~ October 9th (Weds) 11:59PM

Selection notification: Those selected will be notified by e-mail on October 10th (Thurs)

(Please set your e-mail to accept e-mails from the “” domain

We’re waiting for a lot of people to apply…

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