Blog update: “Shoppingヾ(^ ▽^)ノ”

Maimi heads out to do some shopping and gets fired up for an upcoming trip to a tropical paradise in her September 19th update “Shoppingヾ(^ ▽^)ノ“. Full translation below.

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

The weather is nice today
I went shopping with my mom for the first time in awhile

The motion of the car felt good, so I dozed off…(=o=)

It had been a really, really long time since I went shopping, so I bought a lot

I bought all autumn clothes

My mom and I also went to a pretzel shop

It was delicious, as expected

I had a fun time


And then, I have an announcement for today


The deadline for “Cutie Kankousha Fanclub Tour in HAWAII 3” was September 17 (Tues),

but since a lot of people said “I wasn’t able to apply in time“, we decided to accept more applications

The contents of the tour have been uploaded to a special page…

Ah… I’m really happy that we we received so many inquiries that we’re accepting additional applications

Those who couldn’t come will be able to come now

The Hawaii tours are fun each time…

I have a lot of memories I’ll never forget

Just the other day, the members and our manager talked about the things we want to do

Just thinking about it makes me excited((o(^∇^)o))

I hope we can interact together a lot


It isn’t easy to go to Hawaii, so I think there are a lot of people who can’t participate,

but I hope to be able to update about the situation in Hawaii on our blog…

Well then, here are some nostalgic Hawaii photos

From the previous Hawaii tour


Later today,
we will have an individual handshake event for “Kanashiki Amefuri/Adam to Eve no Dilemma” in Nagoya

It’s fun talk to everyone, so I love it

I’m o~ff


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