Blog update: “Yesterday・Today(*’-‘)”

Maimi performed in Osaka amidst unkind weather, made her hosting debut on a YouTube show, and bonded with the fans in her September 17th update “Yesterday・Today(*’-‘)“. Full translation below.

Good evening
It’s Maimi

I’m sorry for the late update

Yesterday we had ℃-ute concerts in Osaka


I think there are a lot of people who couldn’t participate because of the effects of the typhoon…

It’s unfortunate they couldn’t come even though they were looking forward to it…(>_<)

Next chance we get, we’ll definitely make you twice as happy(・ー・´)

Honestly, I was prepared for there to only be a few people participating,

but when I stood on stage, I saw that a lo~t of people had come in spite of the conditions,

and I thought “I’m really grateful…“°・(ノД`)・°・

The bullet trains coming and going were delayed significantly,
so there were a lot of people who had difficulties

Thank you very much for coming And then, thank you for your hard work

We were able to return to Tokyo safely as well

And then,
I hosted the YouTube program “Hello! Station” for the first time

Whenever I watched “Hello! Station”, I thought “I want to host~“,

and my wish came true

I filmed while watching clips from a variety of groups,

and I received a lot of motivation and enjoyed it as if I was watching the program normally

The program will be uploaded tomorrow at 9:00PM,
so please be sure to check it out

In addition
℃-ute had a photoshoot for the front cover and opening article of “Shuukan Shounen Sunday” today


The contents are still a secret,

but the weather was the best

We did a variety of things during the photoshoot, so it was really, really fun

You’ll be able to see ℃-ute in high spirits

It goes on sale November 6th, so please be sure to check it out~


Afterwards, we had a “Kanashiki Amefuri/Adam to Eve no Dilemma” individual handshake event in Asakusabashi

I was moved… I was happy… I was surprised…(;_;)


It seems that a lo~t of people participated in ℃-ute’s first performances at Nippon Budoukan on September 9th and 10th…

There were a lot of people who shared their impressions

In addition,
several people who supported ℃-ute during our beginning came to meet us for the first time in a rea~lly long time, and said “I want to support ℃-ute again

I think each of them had their reasons,

and we weren’t strong enough…

But they went to the Budoukan performance and said that to us,

so I feel that they noticed a change, and it made me really happy

℃-ute have to do our best so that more and more people will support us


In addition, there were a lot of people we met for the first time

I think the handshake and polaroid events are really nerve-racking, but I was really happy that those who came for the first time found the courage in spite of that

I was able to talk about a variety of things with a variety of other people too,

and my time with each and every person was really fun

Thank you for giving me lo~ts of power

I hope everyone enjoyed it as well

Tomorrow we have the music video filming for our new song coming out November 6th, “Tokai no Hitorigurashi”

I’ll do my best so that it becomes a wonderful music video

Well then, until tomorrow’s update
Good night

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