Blog update: “Tour opening day(^o^)”

Maimi kicks off the main leg of the ℃-ute tour and introduces the trainees who will be appearing in her September 16th update “Tour opening day(^o^)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

℃-ute’s hall tour started yesterday in Osaka

It was fun

Because of the effects of the typhoon, I was really worried

“Will everyone be able to arrive safely(;´д`)“, but when I stood on stage, all of team ℃-ute appeared before me,

so I was relieved and really happy

Thank you very much for coming in the poor conditions

Those who couldn’t come too, thank you very much for still cheering for us

There’s been some changes from the Nippon Budoukan performances the other day,

and amongst those is a highlight scene which we practiced a lot, so my heart was pounding really, really hard

Countless times I told myself “Don’t panic! Calm down!!”,


and Nacky and Chisato said
“Saki too!!” and “Chisato too!!”,

and when I thought
“Everyone feels the same“, I felt reassured

If I mess up even a little bit, all of it will look bad,

so I want to brace myself,
and make it through this tour with this tension(・∀・´)

Everyone who is going to participate from here on, please be sure to look forward to it

And then, the Hello! Project trainees who are helping make this ℃-ute tour exciting…


You made fun of this picture when you looked at it just now…(~_~;)

It can’t be helped

There’s even times when pictures are blurry( ̄0 ̄;)

Please try to enjoy the atmosphere m(._.)m

Murota Mizuki-chan
Yoshihashi Kurumi-chan
Tanabe Nanami-chan
Ogawa Rena-chan
Sasaki Rikako-chan

Their hard work is amazing

There were girls who cried from frustration when there was something they were unable to do during rehearsal

But they were able to do it the next day(゜o゜)/

I could tell that they wanted to make it a good performance…

I’m really happy and grateful they’re participating in the ℃-ute tour with those feelings


After the concert, we went out to eat with all of them

My revenge photo


It wasn’t blurry this time(;・o・)=3

The trainee girls…

When the food was brought out, they fidgeted about happily(*´∇`*)

Everyone ordered ramune, but they couldn’t pour it well because the glass ball kept blocking the opening

They ate with a lot of zest, and they had really good appetites

And at the end, they became sleepy…

Every scene before my eyes was soothing, and they kept tugging at my heart


Lastly, a picture with Ogawa-chan…


Ogawa-chan… Her movements are relaxed, she’s ladylike, she has a small appetite and her sleeping face is cute(lol)

She has a face so mature-looking you wouldn’t think she’s only 14-years-old

And she’s a beauty(*´∇`*)

I want to learn about each and every one of them during this tour~

I wonder if I should start getting ready

It seems there’s still some effects of the typhoon today, so be careful everyone…

Well then, until tomorrow’s update


On October 15th,
the Yajima Maimi solo photobook “Glass to Mizu” will go on sale

Three years ago, when I was 18-years-old,

I released a digital book on the site
“Hello! Project Digital Books”

Photos were chosen from that photoshoot for this photobook

The photobook is filled with the best pictures and unreleased pictures from 3 years ago

Yaji’s pet dog Aroma-chan also makes her photobook debut in this one (lol)

Everyone, please be absolutely sure to check it out

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