Blog update: “We’ve finally arrived at Nippon Budoukan!!(/_ ・、)”

With all of the Budoukan performances finished for now, Maimi looks back at the performances she always dreamed of in her September 11th update “We’ve finally arrived at Nippon Budoukan!!(/_ ・、)“. Full translation below.

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

When I think about yesterday and the day before,
it feels like a dream

They were 2 days full of happiness

℃-ute’s first performance at Nippon Budoukan was announced April 3rd.

Five months ago we couldn’t believe that we’d be standing on stage at Budoukan, and it ne~ver felt like it was really going to happen.

Now those performances at Budoukan are a thing of the past…
It’s a strange feeling.


The performance we a~lways dreamed of.
Many people watch over us

I was moved looking at the view from the stage and thinking “There’s this many people in team ℃-ute…°・(ノД`)・°・”,

and there’s even more and more if I include the people who couldn’t come to Budoukan…

Because of the support of people like them, we were able to finally reach Budoukan in our 12th year…

The view from the stage was the best

The variety of glowsticks were really beautiful…

The kind feelings from everyone were really warm…

Everyone’s cheers were reassuring…

Everyone showed ℃-ute that wonderful view

Thank you so very much.

My heart is full of emotions and I can’t sort my feelings, so I don’t know what I should write…

This is what happens when you’re really happy, isn’t it(^^;)lol

As an unbelievable surprise,
Moritaka Chisato-san appeared

That Moritaka-san

I was really surprised

She came running for ℃-ute’s sake!!

I never thought the day would come when we could stand on stage and sing together…

Or that I’d be able to hear Moritaka-san singing live at a ℃-ute concert…

Nervous, I thought “Whoa This is an amazing experience right now

Moritaka-san, thank you so very much


Even while standing on stage, it felt like a dream and I still couldn’t believe it was real,

but after the concert was over, I was suddenly filled with a sense of accomplishment°・(ノД`)・°・

The joy of achieving something after 11 years was really big

There were a lot of things I felt that I only felt because it took so long

Seeing the staff’s faces afterwards, I felt so relieved I couldn’t stop crying…

I was overwhelmed with gratitude for them struggling alongside us even when things didn’t go well.

As expected, giving up on something is no good
Every member has experienced times when things were bad,

but no one lost
Because they didn’t lose, I was able to see that view with all of them

I’m grateful to all of the members

I feel like our bonds became even stronger after the announcement of our Budoukan performances
We talked about it a lot

Yeah They’re really heartening companions

And then, we also received support and blessings from the former members

Even after parting with ℃-ute,
their feelings have always been near us,

and they supported us

They were really delighted that this day arrived

That makes me really, really happy…

For us, those girls’ existences are really important

Though we walk different paths now, the days we spent together as ℃-ute will never fade,

and I want all of us to continue to do our best

And then, and then,
our families, our relatives, our friends, our teachers, our former managers, our seniors… A lot of people came to see the moment ℃-ute’s dream came true.

We caused them a lot of trouble over the years, but everyone was warm…

While reading the many e-mails I received, I thought

“I’m surrounded by really wonderful people

How fortunate I am“, and I felt moved again


Rereading this blog just now,

the thing I’m feeling the most is gratitude to every person concerned with me…

Thanks to e~veryone,
I am the person I am now

I want to respond in kind to everyone’s support,

and continue to share happiness with everyone from now on too


Let’s become happy together

I love everyone
I love you


Now then
The Budoukan performances are over, and the autumn tour has started

So that we can show everyone how we’ve grown even more, ℃-ute will do our best while chasing our next dream

Everyone, please come with ℃-ute


The YouTube program
“Hello! Station #32”
will be uploaded at 9:00PM today,

and footage from backstage at the first day of Budoukan will be shown

Please be sure to watch…

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