Blog update: “Dreams become reality…( つд`)”

A day eleven years in the making has finally arrived in Maimi’s September 9th update “Dreams become reality…( つд`)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi


This day has finally arrived

The first day of our Nippon Budoukan concerts

We’ve dreamt of this day…

I wish I could tell myself back then

“The wish will be granted soon“…

I thought about a lot of things yesterday.

Eleven years since our audition… A lot of things have happened……

But all of those things tie in to today…

I think there are people who are aware of this, but ℃-ute was originally an 8-member group

I feel the 3 members who aren’t around anymore are cheering for us too

Even though 5 of us will stand on stage, I want to go out there holding the feelings of the other 3 in my heart

And then, I want to show my gratitude to the many people who showed us the way to make our dream a reality

I learned that in this business,
making your dreams come true is no easy task.

When I passed the audition in 5th grade, I wondered
“How many years before I do this How many before I do that,

and my dreams began to grow

But things didn’t go as smoothly in reality,

and there were times I thought “Is it going to be over for us without being able to make our dreams come true

But during those times, I was supported by my friends and family, the staff around us, and everyone who cheers for us

Everyone’s warm feelings made me feel

“I can’t give up now“,

and “I want to make my dreams come true together with everyone

If I had given up on my dream then, this day would’ve never arrived…

Everyone says “℃-ute gives us power“,

but ℃-ute really gets a lot of courage and hope from everyone too

Today one of our big dreams becomes a reality,

but I also think it will be a day for another new start for ℃-ute

While typing this update, I said

“All the nervousness and unease I felt went away before I knew it w=(゜o゜)=w lol”,

but I’ll probably become nervous again a little later…( ̄▽ ̄;)

For right now though, I’m filled with a lot of gratitude…


Everyone gathering at Budoukan,

everyone who can’t participate but are sending their feelings to ℃-ute as we stand in Budoukan,

and surely there are people who are watching over ℃-ute from the heavens too

I want these feelings to reach each and every person who loves ℃-ute

A~lright I will put on the best concert with the best companions for all the best people………

Now then Off we go(・∀・´)




A picture from September 9th last year

In France
A bridge where it’s said your wishes will be granted

Speaking of Budoukan, a can of “budou” I’ll eat them with everyone before the performance

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  1. By the way, “budou” is Japanese for “grapes”.

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