Best of luck at Nippon Budoukan, ℃-ute!

It’s already September 9th in Japan, which means it’s the first of two days of ℃-ute’s performances at Nippon Budoukan. Anyone who follows Maimi’s blog updates knows how much these performances mean to her and the other members, but unfortunately, most of us overseas fans can’t go and spend this auspicious day with the girls and our fellow fans across the ocean. That doesn’t have to stop us from sending our best wishes to ℃-ute though. So I’d like to wish Maimi and the other members a safe and successful Budoukan performance on behalf of myself and all the readers of MaimiLog!

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  1. I wish I could be there physically for C-ute but that’s not possible with my classes and all 😦 But best of luck to all of C-ute! They shall have the support of the hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions) of C-ute fans worldwide on this very special day…

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