Blog update: “SOLD OUT°・( ノД`)・°・”

Maimi shares a happy announcement regarding Budoukan and wastes little time getting fired up for the performances in her August 7th update “SOLD OUT°・( ノД`)・°・“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi


There is an additional performance of September 10th’s “℃-ute Day” at Nippon Budoukan on September 9th…

And it’s SOLD OUT°・(ノД`)・°・

It’s thanks to everyone’s support
Thank you so very much

Both days at Nippon Budoukan are sold out…
I can’t believe it…

We heard the news from our manager and the staff after yesterday’s rehearsal for the Budoukan concert

Everyone was really delighted

People made time in their schedule to come and meet ℃-ute…(>_<)

Amongst those people,
surely there are people who have supported ℃-ute since the past,

people who recently started cheering for ℃-ute,

people invited by their friends,

people who usually cheer for other groups but became interested in what ℃-ute’s Nippon Budoukan concert will be like,

people who parted from ℃-ute but are coming back, etc……

I think there’s lots of kinds of people

I’m so happy…

I’m so happy that we can show the people who have always supported ℃-ute our performance at Budoukan…

I’m so happy that we can put on a ℃-ute concert for the people who didn’t know about ℃-ute until now and the people who are fans of other groups…

I’m so happy that we can meet fans we haven’t in awhile… I’m so happy that we can show them our growth since that time…


℃-ute will use all of our power so that all the people who have gathered for a variety of reasons think

“I’m happy
“I want to keep supporting ℃-ute starting tomorrow too


And then, I want to stand on stage with my gratitude so that it reaches the many people who want to participate but can’t


In addition, there were a lot of comments on yesterday’s update from all of the overseas members of team ℃-ute

They thought “I want to share our feelings” and translated the comments, and I was moved when I read them

There are a lot of people who send their support to us from over the sea,

and it seems there are people crossing the sea to come and see our Budoukan concert…

I’m filled with gratitude

We will stand on stage at Nippon Budoukan thanks the support of many people… We have to make it a success no matter


We will show you ℃-ute’s power(・ー・´)

…My feelings have been aflame since early this morning…(* ̄∇ ̄*)lol

Before noon yesterday,
I met up with up with Nacky and Airi and went to eat pancakes

Just looking at the menu made me rea~lly excited

The 3 of us were like

“Hmmm( ̄~ ̄;)”

and couldn’t decide for a long time

Because everything looked delicious(・_・;

After thinking about it, I ordered a pancake with strawberries


Nacky took this picture for me

Doesn’t it look delicious~

And then, Yaji took a picture of those 2


It was delicious

I want to go there again and try the menu items I couldn’t

And then, I think there are people who already know,

but our CMs were uploaded


℃-ute DVD Magazine Vol.35’s CM…

And then, to all of team ℃-ute for 2013 autumn…

An announcement and request from ℃-ute…


This ℃-ute glowstick…
A considerably long time ago, all of the members agreed

“Someday we want to make a ℃-ute glowstick for the goods

It became a reality,

just like we had talked about

We started thinking of the design around March of this year,

and while we did that, our Budoukan performances were decided,

so we decided “We want to release this at the same time as Budoukan“,

and now it’s completed

Something that we thought up became real thanks to a variety of people’s power…

I’m really happy

It’s a glowstick that changes colors to the 5 members’ colors, so please use it, if you like

Well then, I’ll do my best and have fun all day today

I’m o~ff

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