Blog update: “⑧ Queen of J-POP(‘∇’)”

Maimi introduces and shares her thoughts on the original songs on ℃-ute’s newest album in her September 3rd update “⑧ Queen of J-POP(‘∇’)“. Full translation below.

Good evening
It’s Maimi

℃-ute’s 8th album
“⑧ Queen of J-POP”
finally goes on sale tomorrow

Each member has a feature song in this album,

and we also recorded a song Tsunku♂-san wrote to commemorate our performances at Nippon Budoukan on September 9th and 10th

Recently ℃-ute has sung a lot of mature songs,

but this album feels true to life, and there are a lot of songs that we can personally relate to

I’ve already written about the new song “Bagel ni Ham & Cheese”,

so today I’ll write about the other new songs

First, my feature song is
“Nichiyoubi wa Daisuki yo”,

and the start of the lyrics go
“Watching high school baseball in a daze,
It’s a somewhat complicated feeling,
I wonder when it happened,
I’m now older than them”

I rea~lly relate to this part

Even moreso because high school baseball was going on at the same time as the recording

The high school players looked really grown-up to me in the past…
Before I realized it, everyone became younger than me~( ; ゜Д゜)

It’s the passing of time(^。^;)

This song paints the picture of a heartwarming day off,

and it reminds me of when I was in 5th grade before I had taken the audition…

They weren’t days off,
but I’d return from school
and watch TV with my brothers…

A little while later, my mom would return, and she would start cooking…

While listening to the sounds of her making food,
I’d watch anime in a daze…

My dad would return around the time the cooking was done, and everyone would eat together

It’s a song that makes me feel nostalgic

The melody is cute

There are also Yaji’s spoken lines here and there(///~//)


Next is Nacky’s feature song,

“Watashi ga Honki wo Dasu Yoru”

This song is really Nacky-esque (lol)
If Nacky was a song, this would be it (lol)

By the way, here are my favorite lyrics(^∇^)

“I have dreams I won’t give up on,
I will seize a big chance,
I won’t skip out on this”


“I don’t want anyone to call me a gutless girl,
You don’t know the result until the end,
I’ll turn things around”

Ah There’s no doubt this song will be exciting at our concerts(゜o゜)/

It’s rea~lly fun to sing and dance to
And then, it’s completely exhausting(;´д`)lol

It’s a song that makes me feel rea~lly positive and gives me spirit


Next, Oka-chan’s feature song,

“Abiru-hodo no Ai wo Kudasai”

This song is deep~

It actually made me think about a lot of things

First, the lyrics that go

“Is a big dream better?
Or rather,
should I have a modest dream?
Which best for the future?”

Is it better for our future to have a dream we think we can achieve,

or to have a dream that we think and others think is impossible…?

Honestly, I had no confidence at all that the day would come when we could perform at Budoukan and arenas and domes,

so I rarely talked to about it

when we became able to specifically say “Our dream is to have a concert at Nippon Budoukan“,

the staff around us and the people who support ℃-ute said “We want to make that dream come true“, and gave us even more power

recently I’ve begun to think that no matter how big our dreams are,
it’s better to say them outloud than keep them to ourselves…

A lo~t of people will lend us their strength

No one can live by themselves…


And then, the lyrics

“Should I take the safe road?
Or should I take the dangerous one full of risks?”

Whenever I hesitate about something, I think “Hasn’t someone hesitated about this before…?”

“This decision will probably have a big impact on my future“… It’s scary when we think that,

but if we stay the way we are, nothing will change…

It has a meaning like that…

The song’s packed with a variety of messages

It’s a really, really cool song

Mai-chan’s feature song,

“Namida mo Denai, Kuyashiku mo Nai, Nanni mo Shitakunai”

This is probably the most mature of the new songs

The lyrics are painful
“It’s fine if it stays a dream,
It’s fine like this,
I don’t need anything”

“Will I wake from this dream?
Is it ending here?
Will I be alone?”

“What am I to you?
What is this now?
Tell me something!”

When I think of this person’s feelings, it tugs at my heartstrings(>_<。)

Does she already realize that feelings they used to have are gone, and that the end is coming?

Poor girl…°・(ノД`)・°・
Ah, I hope that she meets a nice person who makes her happy

Now then, I introduced 4 songs,

but this update has become long,

so I’ll talk about the song that was made to commemorate Budoukan,
“Tadori Tsuita Onna no Senshi”, in tomorrow’s update

I’ll be happy if as many people as possible listen to it


By the way, the autumn tour is tied into this album, so everyone who is participating…

Please listen to it lots and lots


Well then, I’ll continue to do my best at rehearsal for the autumn tour

Until tomorrow’s update


Actual video for ℃-ute’s 2 songs
“Kanashiki Amefuri/Adam to Eve no Dilemma”
will be available at Karaoke JOYSOUND X UGA starting today

Everyone, please sing it a lot

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