Blog update: “Last Otodama( ´・ω・`)”

Maimi’s still buzzing about the upcoming Budoukan performances and prepares for her final performance at a beloved venue in her August 27th update “Last Otodama( ´・ω・`)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

It feels cool~

I love this kind of temperature…

Autumn is right around the corner

Yesterday, we did a full run-through of the autumn tour which starts in 2 weeks

There’s been some changes, so I’ve got to go over them(・∀・´)

At night, we had the costume fitting

Aaaaaaah, my heart’s pounding~

The performances at Nippon Budoukan on September 9th and 10th…

I can’t imagine what it’ll look like when the audience is filled with people who came for ℃-ute…

It’s a really strange feeling

I can’t believe 5 months have passed since the announcement of the Nippon Budoukan performances on April 3rd( ; ゜Д゜)

It seemed like something that was really far off, but now it’s right in front of my eyes(゜Д゜;≡;゜Д゜)

This year will probably be over in the blink of an eye like that too…(;゜0゜)


I’ve gotta treasure each day(・ω・´)


Today, at Zushi beach,

we have the OTODAMA X SATOUMI concert

℃-ute had a concert there recently,

but this time it’s a concert for SATOUMI Project,
which a lot of Hello! Project members participate in

An Otodama concert where various members from various groups will gather…

There will be a talk event and a personal experience corner,

so it’ll be a different kind of fun than the ℃-ute concerts at Otodama

At any rate
The concerts at Otodama are extre~mely hot every time,

so everyone who is participating, please take care to stay hydrated while enjoying the concert

Ah… Anyway, I’m glad it stopped raining…(;A´▽`A

It would’ve been bad if it was still raining after everyone went to the trouble to go to the beach…

And then, I think there’s people that already know,

but “Otodama SEA STUDIO” will be closing on September 1st.

It’s a venue we performed at this year and last, and it’s packed with memories,

and I said “I hope we can have an Otodama concert again next year!!”,

so it’s really unfortunate,

but I’m grateful we can perform there again like this before it closes.

Our last Otodama concert… I’ll have as much fun as possible

A~lright(・ー・´) I’m off


℃-ute and S/mileage will have a live house tour in autumn,

“Naruchika 2013 Autumn ℃-ute X S/mileage”,

Right now, early ticket application for the concert is open for readers of the members’ official blogs

You can apply here↓↓↓↓↓

【℃-ute official blog】

And then,
the issue of “UTB” with ℃-ute on the cover is currently on sale and getting rave reviews

Those who haven’t checked it out yet, please be sure to do so


Today’s pictures are

with Chisato at a Fukuoka performance of the Hello! Project concert


With Nacky,
at the “Kanashiki Amefuri/Adam to Eve no Dilemma” serial events in Nagoya


The ice cream everyone ate at the Kumamoto campaign


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