Blog update: “Kumamoto→Fukuoka(‘ ∇’)”

Maimi travels Japan for events and concerts in her August 24th update “Kumamoto→Fukuoka(‘ ∇’)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday Chisato, Mai, and myself went to Kumamoto for the first time in 6 years for the live public broadcast of FMK’s “BEAT MAX” at Uto City Mall


In spite of it being a weekday and just past noon, a lot of people came to meet ℃-ute

Six years ago I was still 15

But there were countless people who had also come to our event at Uto City Mall 6 years earlier,

and on the contrary, people who learned about ℃-ute recently,

and a lot of people who we met for the first time,

so I was rea~lly happy

We also received Kumamoto’s specialty from the program staff,
brown cane sugar donut sticks(T^T)


Thank you

After the live public broadcast,
we talked about our 8th album coming out on September 4th at the talk & handshake event

The handshake event…
Almost everyone talked with Kumamoto dialect, so it felt really fresh

There were countless people who said things like “I usually go from Kumamoto to meet you, but I’m happy you came today“,

and “I’ve a~lways supported you, but today is the first time we’ve met“,

so I was really happy that we were able to go to Kumamoto

Next time, I want to go there for a concert with all 5 members~


we took a 2 hour trip to Fukuoka by car

We stopped at a souvenir shop on the way,
and bought a variety of things like
mustard lotus root,
and mustard greens(^-^)

Buying souvenirs is really fun

After arriving in Fukuoka,
we met up with Airi, who had a handshake event for her photobook in Fukuoka,

and everyone in Juice=Juice, who were also having an event in Fukuoka,

and we went out to eat motsu-nabeヾ(^▽^)ノ


Nacky couldn’t come because she had to film for her solo DVD…

The restaurant we went to was one that we went to before ℃-ute’s concert earlier,

and it was rea~lly delicious, as expected

Even though my stomach hurt from being full, it was so delicious I kept eating O(><;)(;><)O

At breakfast time this morning, I still wasn’t hungry…

In addition, it seems it was the first time Juice=Juice’s leader Miyazaki Yuuka-chan had motsu-nabe,

and she said “Mm~(*´∇`*) Delicious“,
so I was happy

Juice=Juice’s manager was ℃-ute’s first manager,

and they told us stories of Juice=Juice like

“Something like this happened to these girls back then,

and then,
they got really, really excited talking about the olden days with ℃-ute

Maybe because they remembered a variety of things while talking, that manager started crying…( ^∀^)

They’re a person who has never stopped caring for us, so all of the members love them

We listened to a lot of Juice=Juice’s stories too, so it was a really fun time

I don’t usually have the opportunity to go out to eat with my juniors,

so I’m really happy that I was able to

I hope we get another chance like this…
And with Nacky too…


Now then,
today we have Hello! Project concerts in Fukuoka~( ・∇・)

A concert in Fukuoka… I’m happy

There were a lot of people who said “I’m going tomorrow” at yesterday’s event in Kumamoto

When I think of meeting those living in Fukuoka and those coming from far away,

I get excited((o(^∇^)o))

It’s raining today, unfortunately,
so please be careful while travelling, everyone

And then,
I’ll send lots and lots of power to those who unfortunately can’t come,

so let’s all have a wonderful day

Well then, I’m o~ff


Right now, on ℃-ute’s YouTube channel,

the music video for the album song “Bagel ni Ham & Cheese” has been uploaded

In addition,
℃-ute appears in “Dessert”, which goes on sale today

Kindaichi Renjuurou-san drew a manga of ℃-ute

I’m happy

Everyone, please be sure to check both out

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