Blog update: “Green perilla goes well with pork(/_ ・、)”

Maimi tries to beat the heat with some tasty treats, but not everything goes as planned in her August 20th update “Green perilla goes well with pork(/_ ・、)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Today is extre~mely hot(;´д`)ゞ

Just walking a little,
my sweat started dripping… no, it was pouring

I thought “Not good Not good“,

and wiped my sweat off with a handkerchief in a hurry(; ̄ー ̄A

It’s hot everyone, so be careful not to get heatstroke…(>_<)

It was too hot yesterday, so I started having a craving for ice cream, and went to a convenience store

And then…
They had yuzu sherbert there

I love yuzu,
so I said “This(・ω・)っ□”
and immediately bought it

It was refreshing and rea~lly delicious

And then, speaking of refreshing,
green perilla dressing

I really start to crave salads when it’s this hot, and I will choose green perilla dressing when I have one

There is catering on the days of the Hello! Project concerts,

and we can take as much as we want of what we like,

and earlier,
I took meat, rice, and a salad,

and I cheerfully poured the dressing on my salad while thinking

“Green perilla dressi~ng(*・∀・)♪”










AH, ah(@ ̄□ ̄@;)!!


I didn’t pour the dressing on my salad,

but rather

on my pork~( ̄□||||!!

Ye… yeah…(;´д`)
The pork was…
refreshing… and…… really… delicious…(;´д`)凹



Now then Forget about that

Before I realized it, it’s already August 20thΣ(・д・;)


Didn’t August just start…

Each day is passing by really quickly…( ̄0 ̄;)


Now that I think about it, there’s only 20 days until our first performance at Nippon Budoukan (the opening of our autumn tour)


It doesn’t feel real at all, but the performance that I’ve always dreamed of is this closeΣ( ̄□ ̄)!

We had rehearsal for our tour again yesterday,

and this tour is tied to our 8th album which comes out September 4th…

We’re steadily learning the dances for the new songs

Amongst those,
there are songs that make me think

“This will definitely get everyone excitedヽ(≧▽≦)/”
It’s really, really fun for us doing it as well

But we move around a lot, so we become exhausted… (lol)(´□`)

While thinking “I hope everyone will shout along with us“,

I went through rehearsal

Since we learned a lot of new choreography yesterday, I thought

“I’ve got to go over it properly“…

And maybe because of that, I rehearsed in my dream as well…ε=ヾ(*~▽~)ノ

…Or rather, it feels like the first time I’ve remembered my dream in awhile…

Twenty days later… I will commit everything perfectly to muscle memory, and I’ll do my best while fired up so that I can have a wonderful time together with everyone

Well then, I’m off for today
Until tomorrow’s update~


August 23rd (Fri)
Myself, Chisato, and Mai will appear on the live public broadcast of FMK BEAT MAX being held at Uto City Mall Center Court in Kumamoto

We’ll appear from 1:00PM to 1:30PM…

After the live public broadcast,

we will have a handshake event at 3:00PM for those who pre-order ℃-ute’s new album coming out on September 4th (Weds), “⑧ Queen of J-POP”,

so please be sure to come and meet us, everyone

I’m waiting for you



Today’s pictures are from the Hello! Project concerts…

With Nacky and Airi in the dressing room


With Berryz Koubou’s Sudou Maasa-chan
and Sugaya Risako-chan,

who just happened to be nearby



When I checked the picture afterwards, Maasa was blurry(°∇°;)

So I took another picture with her


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