Blog update: “Evening call…(>_<)"

Maimi receives the call to come to a young maiden’s aid in her August 19th update “Evening call…(>_<)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Today’s really, really hot~(;´д`)ゞ!

My dad and brother were watching the high school baseball tournament this morning

Speaking of which,

Sendai Ikuei High School, which I wrote about in my blog the other day,

unfortunately lost to Jousou Academy…

But win or lose, the sight of them playing with all their might is dazzling…

Today Jousou Academy will play Maebashi Ikuei High School in the quarterfinals(゜o゜)/

They’re both probably struggling with extreme nervousness right now…

Every high school baseball player… I’m cheering for you
Please do your best(・∀・´)

Changing the subject,
after the Hello! Project concerts at Nakano Sun Plaza the day after yesterday,


we stayed in the city to prepare for the next day’s Hello! Project concerts,

and a scary program was shown on the bus on the way to the hotel


When we arrived at the hotel, I received a phone call from Chinami,

and she said “Maimi~!! This will be the last time ever, so can I ask you a favor?“…(lol)

“Oh? Is it okay for it to be the last time ever(  ̄▽ ̄)?”

“Ah(°∇°;) Alright, it’s the 3rd to last time in my life I’ll ask you a favor!!!!(>_<)



“Chinami’s going to get in the bath in 3 minutes, so can you come to Chinami’s room in the meantime…(/_;)”

It seems she was scared to take a bath because of the scary show

Chinami knows that I go to bed early when I have to wake up early the next night, so she was probably worried about it…(^。^;)

I think that’s why she said it was the 3rd to last time in her life…(lol)

If it’s for Chinami, I’ll always come running no matter whatε=┌( ・_・)┘

I responded “It’s alright I’ll come over now“,

and went to Chinami’s room,

and I turned on the TV while Chinami was in the bath (lol)

From the bath, Chinami yelled

“Ah Maimi~, don’t turn on any scary shows“…(lol)

“No no, don’t worry, I won’t~(^_^;)”

She was kind of cute (lol)

I talked to Chinami for a little while after she got out of the bath,

and then she said

“Ah It’s already 11:00PM I’m sorry, Yaji-san~(;´д`)!”…


I asked “It’s completely alright …Huh Is Chinami alright Will you be able to sleep“,

and after 3 seconds of “………”,

Chinami responded “Yeah(・・´;) I’ll be able to sleep“…(lol)


When I met Chinami the next morning,
she had bed hair( ´艸`)

I was relieved (lol)


I used to be really cowardly too, and I’d be scared to take a bath or sleep after watching scary programs like that,

so my brothers would tell me stories until I fell asleep,

but now I learned to tell myself
“I won’t think about it“, so I’ve become fine~(^-^)v


There’s a lot of ghost stories told during the summer… But please be careful not to lose any sleep over them, everyone

Well then,
I’ll have fun while doing my best today too

Until tomorrow~


“CD Journal” goes on sale

All of ℃-ute appears in it,

and the 5 of us talk about our 8th album coming out on September 4th a lot,

so please be sure to check it out

Here’s a picture from the photoshoot for the album’s cover


It has a mature and stylish feel this time… And our make-up is heavy too(゜o゜)/

It felt like I couldn’t get used to seeing my own face or the members’ faces (lol)

Everyone, please be sure to check out the album too


a picture with Suzuki Kanon-chan from the Hello! Project concerts


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