Blog update: “Today’s time diary(^^)”

Maimi brings back the time diary for today’s “UTB” photoshoot in her July 30th update “Today’s time diary(^^)“. Full translation below.

Good evening
It’s Maimi

After rehearsal for the Otodama concert yesterday, all of ℃-ute rode a bus to Kujuukuri

We all stayed the night there

I shared a room with Airi for the first time in awhile

I fell asleep before Airi though



Right now, ℃-ute is having a photoshoot for the issue of “UTB” which goes on sale August 23rd

It’s the first time the 5 members of ℃-ute have appeared on the cover

I’m happy


There are solo cuts, so right now I have free time while Nacky is having her photoshoot

I’m relaxing in a tatami room…

I wonder why tatami make me this happy…

By the way, Okai-chan is fast asleep…

Taking a nap in a tatami room… Isn’t it the best(*´д`*)

Well then, here’s something related to tatami rooms

A picture of me relaxing at the inn I stayed at with my close friend over summer vacation


Tatami banza~i\(^-^)/



Now I’m waiting on the bus~
We’ll go outside from here, so I’ve properly put on sunblock

The smell of sunblock is the smell of summerヾ(@゜▽゜@)ノ

Ah That’s right
There are people who noticed it and wrote about it in the blog comments,

but Yajima cut her bangs a little earlier

In addition, they were cut too short

But as expected, my hair grows quickly…

It feels like it’ll be the right length in no time

Do your best to grow Yaji’s hair((○(>_<)○))



I returned to the bus from my shoot

Nacky fell asleep while waiting on the bus

Her sleeping face is cute

I had my shoot at the beach while the sun set, and it was beautiful(*´-`) I was spellbound

I saw a poodle and its owner happily playing together nearby

It was a calming sight~( ´∀`)/


It would chase after a ball with its ears flapping in the windU^ェ^U

How nice
I want to bring my doggies too

Hagi-chan also showed me a video of her pet dog Chip(〃▽〃)

Too cute
His tottering steps cause my chest to tighten(*´д`*)



The photoshoot just ended

We’re boarding the bus back

The sunblock and salt air have caused my hair to become rough

Thanks to everyone for their hard work all day today

Surely everyone is going to fall fast asleep…

I will go to sleep now too while the bus rocks me

Good night

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