Blog update: “In the 5th year…!?( ≧∀≦)”

Maimi intermingles with the members of the other Hello! Project groups, gets excited for a potential public recording of her radio show, and prepares for an insanely hot time in her July 29th update In the 5th year…( ≧∀≦)“. Full translation below.

Good evening
It’s Maimi

I’m sorry for the late update

Yesterday was the 2nd day of the Hello! Project concerts


At yesterday’s Mazeko~ze performance,
members from a variety of groups were mixed up and performed songs together

I sang songs I don’t usually get the chance to sing and sang together with certain members for the first time, so it felt really fresh

I had fun performing ℃-ute’s songs too

I really loved the atmosphere of the audience when we sang that song (The song name is still a secret(;A´▽`A))

Fans of a variety of groups gather at the Hello! Project concerts, and making eye contact with those people and seeing everyone in the venue smiling and having fun makes me feel really HAPPY

The Osaka performances have already finished
But thank you to everyone who participated

And then, thank you to everyone who cheered for us even though they couldn’t participate

Well then,
here are some pictures from backstage at the Hello! Project concerts

First is…
The pudding we were given as treats

It was in a milk bottle, and it was so creamy I really felt like I could drink it just like that, and it was delicious

Thanks for the treat(´ー`⊂)


With Morning Musume’s Iikubo Haruna-chan and S/mileage’s Wada Ayaka-chan,
wearing the “Sorezo~re” opening outfits…

These 2 are really close´∀`)
Just watching their relationship makes me happy~(´▽`)

Why is it
Why do the 2 of them give off a healing aura…

Their hair, height, and styles match, so they look like sisters

Seperating the 2 of them was unforgivable, but I got between them and took a picture(≧▽≦)


With Nacky
and Morning Musume’s Ikuta Erina-chan

I love Ikuta-chan’s short hair

She looks cute with long hair too, though

Her love for Niigaki Risa-san wasn’t lacking at yesterday’s performances (lol)

Ah~ She’s a really funny girl (lol)

I have a lot more pictures with other members, so I’ll attach them later~

I’ve also updated the blog at the official “PokeMo-。” site, so please be sure to check that out, if you like


Now then
Today I had a recording for the FM-PORT radio program
“℃-ute Yajima Maimi no I My MeMaimi~”

I laughed while reading an e-mail
Even though it’s contents weren’t anything to laugh at, I laughed(°∇°;)

I will apologize in advance…
I’m sorry f(^_^;)

Also, there’s something I must apologize to Airi for

Airi… I’m sorry f(^_^;)

That’s right
Today the staff said
“Let’s do a public recording

I’m rea~lly happy( 〃▽〃 ) It made me so, so, so happy (lol)(;A´▽`A

Even though the program has been running for 5 years, we’ve never once had a public recording(゜o゜)


I wonder if I’ll be able to go to Niigata again

A~h, are there people who have only heard my voice, and think

“I wonder what kind of person Yajima Maimi is

I hope those people will be sure to come too

…Though nothing has been set in stone yet, I’m already in cheerful

When it’s decided, everyone in Niigata, please be sure to come and meet me


After the recording, everyone in ℃-ute had a costume fitting,

and we had a rehearsal fo the ℃-ute Otodama concert being held on August 1st at Zushi beach


We appeared at the Otodama concert for the first time last year,

and it was the hottest I was last year…… No, probably my entire life

Our sweat washed nearly all the make-up off our faces,
so we were on stage with no make-up on

We have to be prepared for it this year…((((゜д゜;))))

Summer’s heat combined with everyone’s enthusiasm makes it rea~lly hot, so everyone participating, do not forget to hydrate yourselves


But having a concert beachside while listening to the sound of the waves… It’ll definitely become a fun concert(・∀・´)… Or rather, it will be a fun concert(・ー・´)


I’m excited
Yaji will drink a lot of liquids, eat a lot of food, and take the challenge(・∀・´)

Oh my, the date will change in 5 more minutes O(><;)(;><)O

I’ll probably update late again tomorrow

Yaji is always healthy though, so don’t worry

Well then, until tomorrow’s update~( ´∀`)/~~

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  1. Hey BG! Just wanted to say that you’ve been working hard to keep Maimilog up and running….おおきに! お疲れ様

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