Blog update: “Trip~②(^-^) 人(^”

Maimi’s summer vacation trip to Kamakura continues in her July 25th update titled “Trip~②(^-^) 人(^“. Full translation below.

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

Without delay, the continuation of yesterday’s blog…

We woke up on the 2nd day,
and the 2 of us had breakfast at the inn~

Leisurely eating breakfast in a tatami mat room… It’s nice~

Once we finished getting ready,
we departed for the Enoshima aquarium~

The penguins were rea~lly cute

It might’ve been because they were sleeping, but they were all facing the same way on top of a rock without moving at all(〃▽〃)lol


And then
We also saw the dolphin show

We were watching from the 2nd row, so when the dolphins jumped


we got splashed with water\(◎o◎)/

I watched while protecting the sundae I was eating from water

The dolphins were clever~

My close friend said “I want to shake hands with the dolphin(〃▽〃)”,

and when she went to buy a ticket,

She got the last one

When I said

“Whoa(゜o゜)/ That’s nice, huh~(°∇°;)”,

she responded “I know, right!!(;A´▽`A But I’m always lucky“…

As positive as always

Though we were worried about the weather,
we were able to properly watch the fireworks the day before

I thought “It’s probably thanks to my best friend

I videotaped my close friend shaking hands with a dolphin

She had a nice smile

There was also a place to get caricatures drawn in the Enoshima aquarium,

and we got a picture drawn of the 2 of us to commemorate the trip


We didn’t have to stay still while he drew, and even though we talked like normal and went around looking at other pictures,

the artist was able to capture our characters in an instant and draw us~(゜o゜)/

It’s amazing~

It was finished in no time
What do you think…



My close friend said
“I’m going to get my grandpa and grandma, my papa and mama, and ○○○○ (←her pet dog) drawn“,

and I thought “Oh That’s a good idea“,

so I got a picture of my mom and our pet dogs drawn

After that, the 2 of us soaked in the feeling of summer walking barefoot on the beach,

went to a seafood restaurant, and then returned home

When I went to that seafood restaurant with Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan earlier,

we waited for a little while, but it was so crowded that we wouldn’t have time to do other things if we waited,

so in the end we gave up and went to another restaurant~

Even though I had an image of it being popular and really crowded,

I don’t know if it was because of my close friend’s lucky power or because we went at the right time…

But we were able to enter the store right away

They had really delicious bite-sized shirasu bread,
and when we said “We want to take some home as souvenirs

they told us they were the last 9

How lucky

We split them 4 to 5, and each took some home

We were always together when we were little, but it’s been a considerable while since I spent such a long time with my close friend,

so it was a really fun 2 days


Ah That’s right

I returned home and gave my mom the picture…

“Eh Is this mother(゜o゜) Goodness…♪(/ω\*) Oh, aren’t Rookie and them cute

she said happily


I’m glad I’m glad


Before I left, my dad said
“Oh, you’re leaving tomorrow

“That’s right

“…I’m lonely…

“What’re you saying( ̄0 ̄;”

and when I returned, he said

“Welcome home~ How was it” and listened with considerable interest while eating the shirasu bread (lol)



I’ll have fun while working hard again starting today


Everyone, have a wonderful afternoon…


The tickets for ℃-ute’s appearance at “Mezamashi Live 2013” on August 9th went on sale today…

But it seems the tickets sold out in the blink of an eye, thank you

I’m happy…

Thank you for choosing to spend your precious summer vacation with ℃-ute

Of course, I think there are people who can’t come because of various circumstances and people who weren’t able to get tickets,

but we’ll put on a hot concert in the hope of being able to appear again next year

Please be sure to cheer for us

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