Blog update: “Trip~(^-^)人(^-^”

Maimi heads out for a short trip over her summer vacation in her July 24th update “Trip~(^-^)人(^-^“. Full translation below.

Good evening
It’s Maimi



Yesterday and today were ℃-ute’s summer vacation

When I learned which days we’d have off, I looked for fireworks festivals being held on those days,

and there was a fireworks festival being held in Kamakura

…Because of that, I went with my close friend for a 1-night/2-day trip to Kamakura


When I looked at the weather report several days beforehand, there were umbrella marks on our summer vacation days…

The other members and staff who knew I was going to the fireworks festival said things like

“Yajima┓( ̄∇ ̄;)┏”

and “Maimi-cha~n(°∇°;)”…

It started raining midway yesterday, but I was able to see the fireworks without any problems

It was so moving

Everyone lined up on the beach and looked towards the sea,

and they launched the fireworks over the sea


They were so big that I thought they were going to reach me

In addition, there was a firework which changed color beautifully just as it went up,

and I became excited saying “Wow~ Amazing, amazing, amazing” without thinking

That firework was only shot off once, but I want to see it again…


Ah And then
The music that they were playing along with the fireworks on the sandy beach…

It was Morning Musume’s “Manatsu no Kousen”,
so I was excited

My close friend was moved by the fireworks as well, and said
“Wah~… I’m going to cry…(;_;)”

Ah That’s right
We watched the fireworks from the beach,

so we hurriedly bought beach sandals from a street stall


They had sunflowers on them, which my close friend loves

She says she likes how they always grow while facing the sun…

Ah~… My close friend is a person who is always smiling and bright like a sunflower

After we returned to the inn,
she said

“I want to learn some dances Teach me~(・∀・´)”

and the dance lessons began (lol)


I taught her ZYX’s “Shiroi TOKYO” amongst others…

We danced for about an hour…

She practiced the harmony for ℃-ute’s “Kanashiki Heaven” also

Come to think of it, I started liking music because of her influence

The 2 of us were always singing when we were little (lol)

Staying at the inn reminded me of camp and our field trips…

Our nostalgic talks flourished


…That said, it was my first time going somewhere for private travel with someone other than my family…

So many things happened that I can’t write about them all in today’s update, so I’ll write about the second day in tomorrow’s update


At any rate, it was a fun trip to Kamakura

Until tomorrow~


My friend took this picture without me knowing Σ( ̄□ ̄)!



The YouTube program “Hello! Station #25” was uploaded today

The MC is Morning Musume’s Suzuki Kanon-chan

There are a lot of contents, like…

・Morning Musume “Ai no Gundan” (Dance Shot)

・℃-ute “Massara Blue Jeans” France LIVE

・Yattaru-chan big strategy!
・Tsugunaga Momoko “Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba” @ Rakuten

・Juice=Juice Uemura Akari interview.

・Bonus Hagiwara Mai blooper reel

Please be sure to check it out

In addition,
“BASEBALL GAME MAGAZINE” went on sale today

I appear on the front cover this time

There’s a chance to win a uniform I signed through a raffle, so please be sure to check it out

And then,
“B.L.T.” also went on sale today

Please be sure to pick it up too

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