Blog update: “Hot(; ´д`)”

Maimi teases details of a ℃-ute photoshoot, talks about the latest issue of “JUNON”, and explores the various breeds of dogs she wants to raise in her July 23rd update “Hot(; ´д`)“. Full translation below.

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

I’m in laid-back mode right now

Everyone in ℃-ute had a photoshoot all day yesterday

After I updated the blog, all of ℃-ute became something amazinglol

It was my first time wearing make-up like that

You’ll be able to see a new ℃-ute(゜o゜)/

I wasn’t able to get used to it and I was uncomfortable the entire time, but I hope the finished product will become something wonderful

Please wait until I’m able to announce the details

And then,
today is the release day of “JUNON”

This time I appear with Nacky

The 2 of us wore dresses during the photoshoot…

The set was cute as well, and it felt like we were princesses(*´ω`)


In the interview,

we talked a lot about masculinity and femininity

We analyzed the other members’ masculine and feminine points,

and we took the liberty to rate each and every members’ masculinity and femininity…(lol)

Nacky and I became really excited

Please be sure to check it out


I just ate dinner, so my stomach is full

Hagi-chan sent me more pictures of her pet dog Chip-kun, so he is soothing me again today

He was so cute


As expected, poodles are cute

However, before I raised any doggies,

the breed I yearned to raise was a Pomeranian

The parts that look like a tanuki are cute

I want to try raising a Pomeranian someday

Also a Papillon, a Yorkshire terrier… Ah, I also yearn for a large-breed dog

Anyway, a~ll doggies are cute

Right now, I’m somewhere really hot


A lot of time has passed since I wrote “laid-back mode

Well then, until tomorrow’s update

Bye by~e

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