Blog update: “Puppy U^ェ^ U”

Maimi finally finished practice for the Hello! Project concert and falls for Mai’s new puppy Chip in her July 22nd update “PuppyU^ェ^ U“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

This morning’s coleslaw salad was delicious(〃▽〃)

The cabbage was crisp and crunchy

Yesterday’s genepuro (The final rehearsal which Tsunku♂-san checks) for the Hello! Project concerts finished without any problems


There’s no more practice before the opening day at ORIX Theater on July 27th,
so I’ve gotta steadily go over everything myself


I used up all my energy typing this far in the morning (lol)

Once more, good afternoon(;A´▽`A

I had about an hour and a half of free time after getting ready, so I laid down on my bed while typing my blogヽ(~ー~)ノ

And it seems I fell asleep (lol)


Ah That’s right
There were a lot of comments on yesterday’s blog that read

“What did Chinami-chan (Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami) draw on her omelete rice“,

so I’ll show all of you



It’s cute……… isn’t it(°∇°;)? Eh!
It’s not cute…? (lol)



But isn’t it cute that China-chan is as mischevious as always

By the way, there were also a lot of people who asked “What did Maimi-chan draw“…

I chose the lunch set with fish, so unfortunately I didn’t draw anything!!(;A´▽`A


Ah And then, I took a picture with Morning Musume’s Suzuki Kanon-chan because her sweat was incredible

There’s no mistaking that it’s going to be a hot concert

E~veryone who is participating

Let’s go and sweat together


After the genepuro,
I went with Nacky, Chisato, Mai, and our manager to a delicious motsu-nabe restaurant

It was so~ delicious it made me happy~

The walleye pollack roe tempura and rice gruel were both delicious

Mai showed us a video of Chip, the new puppy to join her family,


and he was too cute, too cute…°・(ノД`)・°・

He’s so cute I want to eat him up(  ̄▽ ̄)lol

His hips were bigger than his head, like Donald Duck… And they swayed as he walked


It’s too cute

Watching the video reminded me of when our 3 dogs were puppies

When Cologne-chan was a puppy, she loved to bite my hair~(lol)

My hair would hang down in front of her face when I held her, and she’d always chew it

Before I knew it, my hair was wet, and I thought “Ah, Cologne got me┓( ̄∇ ̄;)┏”(lol)

But even that is cute…(*´д`*)

Though she was so small I could fit her in the palm of my hand,

she’s become big…(*^.^*)

Ah~ I love dogs so much(lol)

I’ll ask Hagi-chan to show me some more videos(〃▽〃)

Unfortunately Airi wouldn’t come with us to motsu-nabe yesterday, but I hope we can all go together next time

It’s the same for Airi and my close friend… It seems right now is a busy time in college

There’s homework,
there’s training…

Just hearing about it makes my head feel like it’s going to burst

During the breaks in rehearsal, S/mileage’s Wada Ayaka-chan was also studying and taking notes(;_;)

Everyone is really working hard……

I respect them…

Everyone in college, please do your best

Yaji is cheering for you(・∀・´)

All of ℃-ute are taking part in a photoshoot today

It’s really, really fun

I’ll continue to do my best after this~

Until tomorrow



At 8:00PM~
on July 28th (Sun.)
on Space Shower TV Plus,
the ℃-ute special
-Countdown to Nippon Budoukan-

will broadcast

There’s footage of our concert from Pacifico Yokohoma in June of this year

The newest footage from our event in Paris, France in July
“℃-ute Cutie Circuit ~Voyage a Paris~”

And in addition, talks between the members

There are also repeat showings

August 3rd (Sat.) 9:00PM~
August 16th (Fri.) 10:00PM~
August 21st (Wed.) 1:00AM~

Those who are able to watch it, please be sure to check it out

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