“I My Me” navigator message for July 19th

The navigator message on the “I My Me” website has been updated with Maimi’s voice blog from the July 19th broadcast. In it, Maimi talks about ℃-ute’s recent trip to Paris, and what the experience of meeting overseas fans made her think. Click the link below to read the full translation.

℃-ute’s first overseas event finished the other day.
Our first overseas event was held the place that I a~lways felt I wanted to visit at least once in my life,
Paris, France!!

It was really like a dream!!

I’ve known that there were a lot of people cheering for us outside of Japan because of fan letters I’ve received and videos uploaded to YOUTUBE,
but when I actually met the people cheering for us from overseas,
my heart was filled with a lot of emotions, like the happiness of “We could finally come to meet them!!”,
and the gratitude of “These people have supported us…”

Of course, not everyone who supports us was there,
but that instant, I thought “I’m glad I kept doing this for 11 years!”

The overseas fans probably worried
“I’ll probably never get to meet them in my life!”,
and there were a lot of people who were crying loudly, and when I saw them, I thought
“Ah, if I had given up on my dream along the way, I couldn’t have met them today…
Even though they cheer for us like this, things would’ve ended without me being able to meet them…”

And then, it also made me feel
“I want to do my best to be able to go and meet team ℃-ute all over the world!”

℃-ute will keep running!

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