Blog update: “The glutton next to me(^-^)”

Maimi gets a gift from a Juice member and shares her lunch with a Berryz member in her July 19th update “The glutton next to me(^-^)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

The weather’s nice today

Summer vacation starts for a lot of people tomorrow, doesn’t it

Will everyone go traveling and go to festivals this summer

My aunt visited my house this morning and said “This summer I’m going my parents’ house (my grandmother’s house)

How nice How nice

All of my male cousins have already gotten tanned, and they looked pitch blank…

“Weren’t you just a baby(゜o゜)/”

I thought of the oldest son, but he became a middle year student in elementary school before I knew it…

“Time flies…” I feel

Have fun at our granny’s house~~ヾ(・v・)ノ


Now then

Yesterday we had rehearsal for the summer Hello! Project concerts which will begin on the 27th of this month at ORIX Theater in Osaka

All of the members were finally able to gather

Again I realized that there are a lot of people in Hello! Project

Here I’ll attach a picture with Juice=Juice’s Miyamoto Karin-chan,

which I always missed my chance to attach…


It’s from the time she came to see me in the play “Taklamakan”

It’s late

Earlier Karin-chan said

“Yajima-san… This is in return for the birthday present you gave me“,

and gave Yaji a present(゜o゜)/

By the way,

Karin-chan’s birthday (December 1st) was when we were appearing in the play “Sugar Spot” together…

We snuck into Karin-chan’s hotel room

and surprised her at midnight

It’s nostalgic…( ´艸`)


Anyways, it’s my first time receiving something in return for a birthday present I gave(lol)

It was a cute pouch

Thanks, Karin-chan


And then, I met all of the members of Berryz Koubou for what felt like the first time in awhile…

Look, look~

Chinami-chan sitting next to me eating chilled Chinese noodles while also eating udon (lol)


When I ordered chilled Chinese noodles,
she said “Gimme, gi~mme“,

so I replied “Alright~
and left a portion for Chinami

And then, her appetite…(  ̄▽ ̄)lol

Please look
This smiling face overflowing with happiness (lol)


She said something like

“Deli~cious ヽ(≧▽≦)/ Ah~ I’m happy Chinami can do her best at rehearsal now I received dreams, hope, and calories from the noodles(☆▽☆ )”…(lol)

At any rate, I’m glad Chinami was happy…

The chilled Chinese noodles must’ve been delighted that she ate them so happily like that too


Everyone, please eat a lot so you don’t fall victim to summer heat fatigue


Just now, the girl in the seat on the train next to me said

in a quiet voice and did a mini-fist pump

She was tap, tap, tapping away at a game, so I wonder, did she finally clear the stage(^-^)

I said “Congratulations~” in my mind… But there’s no way she thinks the person next to her is thinking that, huh~(*´ω`) Hehehe


Today at 1:59AM~
Kansai TV’s

will broadcast

Ah~ I don’t know which parts they’ll use, but anyway, we laughed, we were frightened, and so on…(^。^;)

It was a fun recording

Please be sure to check it out

I’ll do my best today too
I’m o~ff



The “℃-ute Special Daihyakka Site” has been updated

The “℃-ute’s History” second has been updated up to July 2013,
and a lot of off-shots from the past have been added

Please check it out

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